Having landing problems with your website? Try these 11 Power tips on Landing Page Optimization

Having landing problems with your website? Try these 11 Power tips on Landing Page Optimization

January 12, 2008
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Look at the picture on the right. Is this what happens to your visitors, when they land-up on your page from a Search Engine or your PPC ad? Landing page of your website is where you persuade visitors to perform a pre-defined action on your website. You may also take it as persuasive on-page copywriting, to make a visitor do what you want him to do. I find it ironical to see people wasting their landing page space by offering the visitors ample reasons to quit, rather than making them perform the ultimate action on your website. You should always look to concentrate to make every piece of your Real Estate count, while enabling your site to deliver optimum ROI on the website development process. Concentrate on writing, pushing and benefit rich headlines which clearly state the visitor - 'What's in it for me?' Consider the following power tips for landing page optimization, they can increase the conversion rate of your website many folds.

  1. Eliminate irrelevant navigations, sign-in boxes, and other reasons for the visitor to quit from your landing page.
  2. Add your best testimonial or a testimonial from your most renowned client. Don't forget to match the testimonial to the benefits. If your client allow, you can increase the impact of the testimonial by featuring a small, nicely taken picture of him/her along with the testimonial, this will make the testimonial look more natural and trustworthy
  3. Consider multiple column format to increase the flexibility to add more features without distracting the visitors from the main call to action.
  4. Use window pop-ups to provide important information like 'privacy policy', 'satisfaction guaranteed' etc to the client on the same screen without making them leave the landing page.
  5. When it comes to writing the copy of the page, the content should never sound like - “what I/we give you”, but it should be say more about “what you get?”.
  6. Use graphics intelligently to add as many call to actions as you can in different formats without showing your 'desperateness to sell' to your visitor.
  7. Don't give your visitors too much options. Only feature your best two or three offers on the landing page so that you don't end up confusing them. To accomplish this, you need to perfectly understand your target segment (about what they exactly want?).
  8. If your target is to make a client fill up a form, you'd be surprised to see how much, adding a prominent link - 'we value your privacy' can increase the conversion rate of your website.
  9. If you are offering a guarantee, make it as prominent as you can with the help of relevant text and graphics.
  10. In the offer, tell people precisely, how much they save in dollars (and not in percentage).
  11. Internet Marketing is mostly about impulse buying. So you should look to convert the visitor's interest that brought him to the landing page into an impulse and then to convert that impulse instantly into the desired action.

Thumb rule to maximize your conversion rate is to test, test & test (A/B testing precisely). I highly recommend you to refer to this Google guide which will actually help you to test your landing page and also increase your ad's CTR at the same time. Wishing your website visitors, a very safe landing next time! :)


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