How is Digital Marketing Trending in 2021

How is Digital Marketing Trending in 2021

January 13, 2021

Due to the current health crisis, more people are using the internet not only to get information but for all sorts of transactions. This made a lot of marketers scramble at the opportunity to create digital marketing campaigns because of the increase of the prospective audience.  

Digital marketing is important for both small and large businesses, as more people are increasingly relying on the internet to purchase goods and avoid going out of the house as much as they can.  

In 2021, digital marketing will continue to be relevant and new trends and tools are expected to rise. If you’re wondering what trends will continue to increase in popularity and what their important uses are, read more below. 

Why Digital Marketing Trends Will Still Be Relevant 

Digital marketing uses digital technology including mobile phones, desktop computers, and various other digital networking and platforms like social media and websites.  

Since almost everyone will be on their computers or mobile phones, it’s the best time for digital marketers to reach their potential customers or to post ads on relevant sites and pages. With that, companies will take this opportunity to improve their digital marketing strategies and increase their profits. 

Here are the reasons why digital marketing will still be relevant in 2021:  

  • It’s Still The Best Way To Spread Word About Your Business 

Social media is also becoming extremely popular with businesses as a way of spreading the word about their products and services. The great thing about this form of advertising is that it can be tailored to suit just about any budget. For smaller businesses or start-ups, social media can be a particularly effective way of creating a buzz around the brand—something which is easier to achieve than with traditional forms of media.  

  • It’s Still A Cost-Effective Way To Reach Your Potential Customers 

Digital marketing helps companies cost-effectively increase their brand awareness. The best thing about it is that it helps to reach a wider audience with a smaller budget. The other advantage of digital marketing is that it saves on advertising costs. Apart from this, digital marketing also helps companies build a positive reputation in the market. 

  • E-Commerce Will Continue To Grow 

One of the reasons why digital marketing will still be relevant in 2021 is the growing trend for online shopping. In a recent report, it was revealed that online sales increased by 77%. Before the global health crisis, online shopping was already growing steadily but the pandemic caused it to boom even further.  

  • There Is An Increasing Trend of Online Events 

Before, many businesses and industries hold events like symposiums, seminars, and other business conferences that showcase their new products and services. Due to the pandemic, many businesses resorted to remote or online selling. Today, many businesses can hold virtual meetings with investors or customers to showcase their products and market their brands. They can also hold online business events posting videos on social media so more people can learn about their offerings.  

What Digital Marketing Trends Will Boom in 2021 

Since digital marketing will continue to become relevant in the coming year, businesses should be aware of the different digital marketing trends that will become popular in 2021. 

1. Search Engine Marketing And Paid Per Click Advertising 

PPC or pay per click is generally an easy way to get your business’ ads visible at the top of search engine results pages or SERPs. SEM or Search Engine Marketing will bring in organic traffic and the results of this usually take longer to achieve. Although the results will be realized longer compared to PPC, SEM results are usually long-lasting once they’re achieved. 

Both SEM and PPC will still be relevant in 2021 because people are always using search engines to look for answers to many of their questions. Both have proven effective for increasing web traffic and improving brand recognition, but only SEM creates high-quality results out of a low-cost campaign. PPC, on the other hand, provides a quick return on your marketing investment. If you want to learn in-depth about these trends, you can find a lot of cool guides from this NYC based PPC agency

2. Chatbots 

One popular benefit of chatbots is its ability to detect customer service problems more quickly than human agents. As you may have experienced when interacting with an actual live person, you have no other option but to wait for the person to finish speaking before asking another question.  

This is why digital marketing campaigns must make sure your customers always receive exceptional customer service. There’s simply no substitute for a human agent in this aspect of the business. That is why using a conversational artificial intelligence platform as opposed to a standard software solution will allow you to provide faster assistance and solve more complex problems. Chatbots can even handle five to six customer queries at a time thanks to their superior processing power. 

3. Live Broadcasts And Streams 

Since there will be an increase in virtual events and online conventions, live broadcasts and streams will also increase in popularity. Many businesses are posting streams on their website and social media to showcase their new products or to discuss promotions. These live broadcasts and streams are free and readily available for the public to join.  

4. Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality (AR), also known as digital real-time 3D imaging, is an emerging marketing trend in which brands can provide their clients with unique digital experiences. This has further empowered brands with a platform through which they can connect with their clients. Brands that have embraced this medium have created a strong client base that they can draw from for generating higher revenue. 


Digital marketing trends for 2020 will carry over to 2021. Digital marketing is relevant more than ever now that most people are glued to their computers and phones to do numerous transactions. Businesses are taking advantage of this and are starting to work on their digital marketing campaigns using trending tools and software.  

Digital marketing trends like live streams, augmented reality, chatbots, and search engine marketing will continue to stay relevant and utilized by most businesses. All of these tools are used to connect with the customers virtually and improve their customer service. 


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