How to Boost Your Small Business with Online Marketing

How to Boost Your Small Business with Online Marketing

November 26, 2020

Small businesses target a positive ROI and quick results for an initial boost. We're heading into 2021, and if you still don't have an optimized business website, it's high time to host one. 

Why? Because there are more than 4.7 billion internet users in the world. Can you think of a bigger audience pool to market your product? 

Online marketing has a consumer base that breaks the barriers of location, language, and other demographics. If you have online visibility and premium services, not even COVID-19 can stop your business from doing wonders in the market.     

All you need is a well-planned online marketing strategy that:

  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Improves brand's credibility 
  • Brings conversions 

You don't require hefty corporate budgets to compete in the digital marketplace. That's the beauty of online marketing. 

On that positive note, let's get started.  

1. Paid Ads Targeted Over a Landing Page

Paid ads help you laser target a specific audience segment based on their interests and search intent. The method has a pay-per-click (PPC) principle where you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. 

These ads are well-received by the audiences too. As per Marketing Expertus, only 1% of users have negative feedback for paid ads. 

You can run paid ad campaigns on search engines, social and professional media, etc. Target your ad to a CTA-oriented landing page to improve conversion rate. 

Optimize your landing page to increase its loading speed and responsiveness to avoid bounces. 

2. Content Marketing for Quality Lead Generation 

Content marketing is your foundation for lead nurturing and conversion efforts. Blog posts, emails, newsletters, etc., help you generate quality leads when the content is spot-on. 

A report from HubSpot informs that 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. 24% of markers also plan to increase their investment in content marketing.

Create a list of business keywords and use them to craft awesome content for various channels. Utilize content repurposing to distribute the same content in multiple formats (text, videos, infographics). 

3. Social Media for Brand Awareness

There are more than 3.6 billion active social media users. You can become a familiar face among your target consumers when you optimize your social media campaign. 

Give a personality to your social presence. Introduce new flavors, create engaging content, and inject humor to have a unique digital existence. If users like what they see, they'll share your posts, and you'll become a "viral sensation." 

Sprout Social informs that 80% of marketers agree that increasing brand awareness is their primary goal on social media. 

You can create social media posts for various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and optimize them individually for each platform. The content length, use of imagery, posting time – all vary for different social media. Extensive research is the key here. 

4. Influencer Marketing to Boost Sales 

Influencer marketing is a type of online marketing that can become a game-changer for your small business. You need to list down social media influencers related to your business niche and pitch them your product.

These influencers have a decent following on various social media platforms. When the influencer promotes your product online, you get instant access to their fan base. 

This is your immediate target audience who'll get to know about your product, and you'll score great conversions too. 

A study by Media Kix reports that 89% of marketers believe the ROI from influencer marketing is equal or better than other marketing channels. It's a risk-free venture that all small businesses should include in their online advertising strategy.   

5. Organize Giveaways to Build Trust 

Online marketing allows you to organize free giveaways for your audience to have a look and feel of your product in return for some efforts they do in a giveaway contest. 

It can be your brand's merchandise, product replicas, free subscriptions, etc. You'll get positive word of mouth from the audience, which helps build trust

BlogSpot's report informs that 33% of total giveaway participants would love to receive brand information. Pounce on the opportunity to organize a killer contest that further boosts brand awareness and brings you closer to score sales. 

To Conclude 

Small businesses should ideally target cost minimization through optimized online marketing campaigns. Paid ads are an effective method to gain instant web visibility, and you don't pay a penny if there's no click. 

If the content is "king," then content marketing is the "kingdom." Create quality content for various channels to attract quality leads. 

Social media helps you increase brand awareness, and you can collaborate with influencers to secure instant conversions.

You aim to expand your reach, get shares, and build trust through giveaways. 

Utilize different types of online marketing and make your business shine in the digital marketplace.

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