How to Build a Strong Brand Identity

How to Build a Strong Brand Identity

January 8, 2019

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” This adage is very true with regard to brand identity as well. What is a strong brand identity? As the adage indicates, it is how others perceive you, the identity or image you convey to the minds of people when they hear the name of your organization. A common pitfall that many fall into when considering how to build a strong brand identity is to believe that they know how their business is perceived. They try to see things from their own perspective, forgetting that a strong brand identity depends on ‘the eyes of the beholder,’ or how they are perceived by potential customers.

Here is how to create a brand identity guide

Brand Identity Elements

There are a number of brand identity elements. The first is the company’s logo, its unique identity. Companies often give a lot of thought to its design, the color and the fonts used to make it memorable. The message you convey should let the reader know why your product or service is better than the others available in the market. The logo itself should reflect the personality, or the characteristics you desire the customers to remember. The logo is just the first of many brand identity elements.

Remember that by means of the different brand identity elements you are telling the world about who you are, why you are different, and why the potential customer should come to you. Besides the logo and typography, videos, photography, content, web design, and the interactive elements on the website all play a part in the brand identity process.

Brand Identity Process

A strong brand identity is the perception a person carries about your business. It has an emotional aspect to it, as well as an intellectual one. Does the information you have provided educate them? How does your brand speak to the customers? The experiences a potential customer has with your organization, the memories he carries from your posts, and the expectations it generates in his mind, all come together as the brand identity process.

How to Build a Strong Brand Identity? Let us consider how to create a brand identity guide. Here are four steps you could follow.

Brand audit

Talk to people. Call them up. Take a survey. Check the websites of your competitors. See what digital marketing strategies they are using. Remember that when a person lands on your website you do not have enough time to explain why your product is better. So instead of selling your product, sell your brand. Catch his attention.

Mission statement

Ensure that you have not just a unique logo, but also a unique mission statement. It should tell potential customers how you are different, what your values and goals are and how you can add value to the customer’s life. It should be distinct and memorable.

Refine your voice

Give thought to the voice of your brand. This would include the fonts you use, the color, style, and overall presentation on the website, as well as on the different channels you use. Irrespective of which channel you use; social marketing, email marketing, media advertising, or other means, be consistent.


Work out your marketing strategy. Which aspects of digital marketing would you use and how? What advertising methods do you want to incorporate? Ensure that the landing page of your website reflects who you are.

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