How To Build Links For SEO Without Content

How To Build Links For SEO Without Content

Thomas Lore
January 14, 2022


Any website owner implementing common SEO strategies knows that content has a direct connection with link building. Creating top-notch articles is one of the most effective ways to get organic backlinks and improve the search engine rankings of the website. But is there a chance of getting links without generating content? This question worries many webmasters. What’s more, content marketing isn’t the only SEO promotion strategy. Some tactics can bring useful links to a website without the need to create fresh content, so let’s find out more about them.

Is It Possible to Build Links For SEO Without Content

Modern experts pay special attention to the implementation of link building, taking into account the rules of Google. Therefore, most website owners strive to create valuable backlinks that will be of real benefit and demonstrate an exceptionally high quality of their resources.

For this reason, many may think that creating such links without content is impossible. But this is not always the case. Building links without content does not mean losing quality and receiving penalties from search engines. However, you have to use the right tactics that minimize all risks and allow you to create high-quality links.

How to get backlinks without creating content? Since content today is the driving force in SEO promotion, this issue is relevant and causes a lot of controversy. But, from a technical point of view, this is quite possible. For example, one of the most intuitive tactics is using the help of backlinks purchase services. The process of backlinks purchase requires no need to gain special knowledge as specialists will help with this issue. But to implement more advanced tactics and strategies, there is a need to be trickier. Use the following tips to discover how to get links without creating content.

Brand Mentions Transformation

If there is a business that has been operating on the market for several years, there is a high probability of having brand mentions on the Internet. There is also a possibility that the business owner does not even know about the presence of such mentions and this is a mistake in the context of SEO promotion. Often, such mentions do not contain links to the site. The site owner's job is to transform these mentions into backlinks. How to do it?

It is necessary to find such references. Today, there is an opportunity to use various apps that will track existing mentions and monitor the appearance of new ones. For example, BuzzSumo can help you with this issue. After finding such mentions, you need to contact the webmaster of the resource and ask for a link to the site. This is possible to do through a personalized email.

Below are the key benefits of using mentions to generate backlinks:

  • The easy tracking process. The availability of specialized tools allows you to automate the process of identifying any mentions. In this case, the tools will analyze both existing links and those that will appear later.
  • Ease of transformation. In fact, you do not need any specialized skills in the field of SEO promotion. All you need is to have a base of references and contact the owners of the resource with a kind request to add a link to the site.
  • Profitability. You don't need any expense to convert mentions to backlinks. The availability of tools and the skill of negotiation are sufficient in this matter.

Broken Links Activation

Most people know that broken or dead links negatively affect SEO positions. But in the context of a backlink strategy, it is an opportunity to get useful links. This is a low-risk strategy because the webmaster has the ability to manually select the websites from which they would like to receive links. Why is the transformation of broken links promising? Here are the main reasons to understand:

  • It is a common interest that results in a high response rate. Webmasters get free notification of a broken link and the opportunity to improve the user experience on the site.
  • Webmasters get an alternative on how to fix the situation. That is, they get the opportunity to link to your site and not waste time, solving the problem.

When implementing this strategy, it is worthwhile to carefully approach the analysis of sources that may link to your website. We recommend that you check site metrics, domain authority, pages, and general profile. After carrying out such an analysis, you can proceed to the negotiation part. You need to contact webmasters and offer your resource in order to activate a dead link.

Links Generation with Resource Page

Existing content can also be a powerful tool for getting backlinks. If the website has several high-quality articles, then it is possible to use them as support to other sites.

That is, there is an opportunity to offer your content as an addition to the resource material. At the same time, it is better to use resources with a high level of domain authority as a partner site in order to obtain good results in the context of SEO promotion.

It is necessary to analyze the sites and collect a database of suitable resources. It is worth turning your attention to commercial resources whose purpose is training. This is a good tactic in building authoritative links. After the database of partner sites is ready, you need to start the negotiation.

Contact the site owners through a personalized letter and note that you have a valuable source that can complement the article or research. If the content is really valuable and will be useful, then the webmaster will supplement their content with a link to the resource as an addition to the topic. This will bring a backlink to your website.

Wrapping Up

These tips open an opportunity to get links without creating fresh content. What’s more, it is possible to save money and reinforce your backlinks base even if you have no technical knowledge. So, these tactics can be a part of an effective link-building strategy to reboot SEO rankings.

Author Bio:

Thomas Lore is a 25-year old writer. As a creative and diligent freelance blogger, he is always seeking new ways to improve himself.

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