How to Choose a Google Font for a Website Hero Banner

How to Choose a Google Font for a Website Hero Banner

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May 14, 2020

The trend of using a Hero Banner for the newly created website is increasing with time. It is because it keeps the focus of the user and it gives the finest look to the website. If you are a designer then you might have experienced a hero banner image in your website.

In this article, I am going to cover that how you can select a google font for a website hero banner so if you haven't used yet then you may think of choosing it for your next site.

Once you know how you can make your design look readable and attractive then you can master in making pleasing websites for the readers.

What Is Hero Banner?

Before moving to the topic let me explain to you a bit about Hero Image so that you better understand this article. The Hero Image comprises of an image and a text.

A Hero image is placed on a web page that usually grabs everyone's attention at first glance. It usually put on the front or center of your web page.

A hero image banner is a part of your homepage that should be created with full consideration so that it gives a catchy look to your website. A hero banner or hero image ought to mirror the objectives of the site.

Benefits of Hero Banner

Let's have a look at a few advantages or features of the hero image that depicts its importance in web design. The benefits of hero image incorporate:

  • It instantly captures the user's attention means it is the first thing that user notice because of placing it at the start of the center of the home page.
  • If the hero image is worth seeing that it will force and excite people to know about your website more. They wish to explore it more and more that will result in a maximum number of visitors.
  • It will give a positive vibe of your website to the visitor if done correctly and nicely. I think it is one of the essential benefits for any web designer.
  • The hero image likewise gives a clear understanding of your website. Just with a hero image, people can understand what your site is all about so the message should be appropriate.

Choosing a Google Font for a Website Hero Banner

Now I am going to cover those points through which you can make your hero banner typeface look amazing and pleasing.

1. Choose Complementary Fonts

The first thing that falls in this category is selecting the right pairing of fonts. You have unlimited options through whom you may choose wisely.

Remember to select that pairing of fonts that complement your hero banner only then you can make your website look understandable and attractive. For the right pairing, you may select from serif and Sans-serif.

Your main heading should be always different as compared to your secondary heading so that people can always distinguish among both. Use different typography for both headings to make it look contradictory and readable.

Once you master yourself in choosing the best pairing of fonts that goes well for the hero banners then you can select the best Google font for the website hero banner.

2. Use Sharp Titles

We all know that titles are the first thing that people usually see whenever they visit your website.

Your title always should be comprehensible and readable easily so that people won't find any difficulty in acknowledging it. For this purpose, use sharp or bold titles because that will capture the attention at first glance.

Now comes the typeface that you will apply on the titles or main heading. I recommend you to use Proxima Nova font that originated in 2005 and since then its popularity has been increased with time to a great extent.

To utilize this textual style on your site, utilize the accompanying CSS: textual style family: Proxima-nova, sans-serif; text style: italic normal; textual style weight: 100. It will give the best look to your site.

3. Use Text Over Blank Images

The major issue that usually occurs is when a web designer uses that part of the image that is already jammed to write the text. It loses the focus of the reader that make it unambiguous. Always utilize a safe spot of the image so that it won't mix up and it won't give a bad image to the reader.

Whenever you are about to utilize the background image then make sure the text is readable. Use the light color for the image and use the font that makes your text look pre-eminent. The color contrast should be light so that it doesn't overshadow the text written on it. As a professional graphic designer, you should know all these important factors in order to make your site look pleasing.

4. Upper Case Letter Spacing 

Capital letters typically show up toward the start of a word or sentence, so they're intended to fit effectively by lowercase letters. In any case, when you utilize capital letters together, that separating looks excessively tight. That is the reason you generally add 5–12% extra letter-spacing to content in all caps.

You should be careful while using letter-spacing whenever you utilize upper case text. It should not affect the readability and focus of the reader. Otherwise, people may lose interest. It is another important factor that you should know for a website Hero banner.

5. Experiment with Image Quality

You can experiment with various things with your image by changing its layout or by utilizing a stylistic photo and roughing it up with some grain, vignettes and a sepia-toned filter. With experiments, you can find something worth trying so better to keep experimenting in various ways and apply on your image.

But remember that the texture of the image should go well with the context of your website means it should complement each other in the best way. With experimenting, you can give a unique look to your site that surely have a good effect on your increasing number of users.

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