How to create Great Instagram Stories by using Background Templates

How to create Great Instagram Stories by using Background Templates

September 13, 2022

Social media is a part of most people's lives today. They access their social media accounts once every hour or so, just to look up what is going on with their friends' and the world around them. Naturally, it makes it a powerful visibility tool. Instagram alone has more than one billion viewers per day, which tells you how strong marketing can be on this app. But to get your message right, and for it to reach your public in a good way, you need to create stories that look great, which you can do by using templates.

Image is Everything

Not that is has not always been true, in some ways, but image today is all that matters. Whether you are Gucci or simply a yet unknown brand, the stories that you create can have exactly the same impact on the viewer. Which is precisely why you need to use an Instagram story background template, every time you are preparing a post. Why would you want to try building posts, unsure of its results, when you can initiate with templates that have already proven that they can work? It is a guarantee that the viewers will appreciate the visual, which makes it much more probable that they will 'like' it, and maybe even search some more on the brand and the products, once they have seen it.

What do You need to create a Great Story on Instagram?

Once you have chosen the background template that you like, it is time to get creative. You won’t be lacking options to reach the highest level of creation that you have ever reached. That is because these background templates come with many sections to choose from, to add to the beauty of your photo or video.


First, you need to think about the sound. Do you want to keep the original of the video that you shot? If so, move on to the next step. If not, then you can choose from a large variety of songs that are available on the app, which will add interest to your clip or your image. If you want people to read the lyrics as the story plays, that is also possible.


Then, it is time to look into colours. Do you want a neutral background? If so, go with black or white. If you want to catch the eye, maybe what you need is to add a pattern in the back, with a lot of colours. Always make sure to adapt the colour of the texts you are going to position on it (if any), with the background colour, as well.


Stickers are so popular with everyone, that it would be a shame not to use them. Make sure that they are fitting though, and that they don’t completely change the message that you are trying to send out. If a sticker turns the smile that you are trying to produce into a grotesque comedy, you may have gone overboard, and it will definitely show on the results that you will get from that particular post.

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