How to Design Your Company Logo

How to Design Your Company Logo

December 9, 2020

Your company’s logo design isn’t just a graphic symbol. It’s a summary of your struggle, hard work, persistence, and success. In the words of the Late Great Steve Jobs (Co-Founder, Apple Inc.), “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Your company logo should be iconic, unique, and attractive to the extent that people recognize your brand from its logo. Think about Google, Pepsi, Apple. They don’t need to attach their brand name with their logo because we all remember them from their logos.

Research done by Finances Online informs that more than 50% of SMBs design their own company logos. You can choose to utilize a logo design maker tool or handover the task to a logo design company depending on your budget.

This guide takes you through the process of designing an impactful logo for your brand. Read ahead to know how it’s done:

1. Define your Brand Identity

Your brand identity is the emotion it transmits, the problem it solves, and the reason why it exists. Each emotion has colors and keywords attached to it. Use these raw color and keyword ideas to create a logo that matches your brand’s identity.

With the right brand understanding, you can design a company logo imbibed with your brand’s personality. It’s imperative that the logo summarizes your story and looks pleasing to the eye.

Brainstorm with all your team members to list down your core values and define your brand’s true identity. This will help you in the logo designing processes that follow. Don’t forget to mention these insights in your brand guideline document too.

2. Find Design Inspiration

Millions of logos already surface on the internet, and millions are yet to enter. Your task is to research logo designs based on purpose and uniqueness.

Think from the audience’s perspective to gather the requirements for your logo. You can also explore logo designing tools to get some trendy inspiration.

Exploring is critical as it narrows down the list of options you have and educates you about various logo designs. Remember, you don’t have to copy. You just need inspiration.

3. Choose the Logo Design Style

After you gain design inspiration, it’s time to finalize the logo design style. There are plenty of logo design ideas ranging from trending ones, retro style, minimalist design, etc.

Choose the one that goes with your ideology and has your brand’s vision attached to it. An elegant logo design makes a powerful impact on the customers and improves your brand’s credibility.

Conversely, a weak logo makes your venture look suspicious, and you fail to gain the user’s trust.

4. Select the Colors and Fonts

Colors trigger emotions. You need to find out the right set of colors that’ll honor your logo. Around 95% of the top brands prefer using only one or two colors in their logo.

Typically, three colors are enough to design an appealing logo. You’ll have to be extra cautious about the design when you use too many colors or the rainbow combination.

The choice of color depends on your business niche and the demographics of your target audience.

For fonts, choose a style that compliments your logo design. Avoid entangled, complicated fonts, and ensure that the text is crisp, visible, and understandable.

5. Craft a Scalable Logo

Once you have all the resources, it’s time to design a stunning logo for your company. Don’t rush through the process and be dead sure before finalizing a design.

You can run a blitz design sprint with your team members to optimize the logo designing process. Whatever the logo you approve, ensure that it’s scalable.

You’ll need the logo for print media, social media, website, merchandise, etc. It should be scalable enough to leave an impression even when it’s shrunk to a tiny icon or stretched to fit a business page.

To Conclude

Keep your business’s nature and buyer persona in mind when you put your dream logo together. Things get simpler when you define your brand identity and collect useful information to craft the logo.

Find the right design inspiration to educate yourself about various logo designs and select a design style that speaks for your brand’s personality.

Ensure that you use colors and typography that doesn’t complicate the logo. Refine the final logo design several times to leave no doubt and adopt a scalable design so you can use the logo in multiple channels.

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