How to Draft Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses?

How to Draft Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses?

October 26, 2017

Digital marketing and social media marketing are interrelated. A business that needs to flourish in the online world needs to have a strong online presence, which can be achieved through digital marketing and social media marketing. Before getting into the specifications of social media’s marketing strategy, it’s important to be clear with how to draft a marketing strategy that leads your business to success.

Here are certain tips to keep in mind while drafting a marketing strategy:

Plan a budget

Plan out a rough marketing strategy, so that you have good idea about your requirements and areas you will have to invest in. Find out where you can get the best resources within your budget. Marketing strategy of small businesses needs to be planned keeping in mind the budget.

Customer’s opinion

Take into consideration your users notion about your business. You can get a fair idea about what your customers think about your brand based on what they discuss online. If it is going in your favour, you have every reason to rejoice but if the situation doesn’t seem to be in your favour, you have an opportunity of improving your online presence and changing what your users think about your brand.

Social media platforms

All you need to do is showcase your business on social media channels where the users who are in need of your services are looking out for a potential firm!

Understanding which social media platforms are meant for your business and on which social media channels your users/customers spend maximum portion of their time. Instead of having a social media presence on every social media platform, it makes more sense to have a social media presence on fewer marketing platforms but a strong one. For this, you need to analyze each social media platform very precisely and see if it is even meant for your business.

Paid advertisements

Apart from online and offline marketing, businesses also prefer paid advertisement. This is important that a business decides while drafting a marketing strategy, if at all you want to go for paid advertisements or not. If yes, then finalize and stick to a budget plan.

Assign tasks prudently

It is important that you assign different roles to different persons who are efficient at carrying out those roles. A business which has a social media presence has a team of creative thinkers who typically engage with the audience and supervise the overall presence in the online space. These people are usually well aware of the social media platforms, and can identify that kind of content that will keep an audience engaged.

While assigning tasks don’t forget about the most important task of all, addressing negative comments. Having a successful social media presence is not a cake walk, it involves enjoying the limelight as well as wisely dealing with the negative comments. So, assign a person precisely to respond to all the customer queries, feedbacks and also manages negative comments.

Content marketing

Focus on how you portray your content to the readers! A well-scripted content is what draws a customer!

An original, authentic and a well framed content is what the customers are looking for. Create and publish content that provides useful information, tips, knowledge and helps your customers and is valuable to them.

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