How to find Investors for your Business

How to find Investors for your Business

March 14, 2019

Own a business? Then you might know how important funding for a business is, whether it’s internal or external. It is one of the aspects that make a business successful.

In a situation when a business runs out of cash is when they need external funding or investment. And that is why business owners seek investors to back up their business idea. Especially businesses like SMEs (small and medium enterprises) who rely heavily on the investment from the investors. So, how can you find investors for your startup?

This blog will make you familiar with the ways and methods to find an investor for your business idea.


It is indeed the best way of making your business more discoverable. Constant blogging makes the investors curious to check out your business.

Another way is to target investors who blog often. You could leave a thoughtful comment on their personal blogs. Write a comment that intrigues the investor’s attention. This creates a chance of your business getting noticed by the investors.  

Build a network

There are many investors in the market and many businesses that are waiting to get funded. So build a network with peers who are willing to invest. This can be possible by contacting founders of companies or the investors directly.

If you have a good social network, then it’s possible that even your friends will start recommending investors to you and you to investors.

Online fundraising platforms

If you belong to today’s era, then you might have heard about the crowd funding sites. With numerous sites available, it is possible to come across one that aligns with your industry.

An example of this is SoMoLend that lends capital to small businesses. Try listing your business up on a crowd funding website and promote it to try raising money for your business.

Social media

In today's time everyone is active on social media. So attracting an investor can’t get any easier that just by spreading a word about your business across relevant social media channels. The word relevant is important here. You may not find investors on Instagram but may find them on LinkedIn, depending on the nature of your business.

Once you are able to attract an investor, be ready to talk about your business idea.


Making your business visible to the right people is important. One of the best ways to do this is to attend business events where you can expect to meet investors.

For this you need to do a bit of homework and see which all investors you want to reach out to. You can even consider hosting an event where you can invite the targeted investors and pitch directly.

As we wrap up this blog, we hope that you are now aware of some ways of finding private investors for a business. How did you find a private investor for your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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