How to Get a Startup Idea

How to Get a Startup Idea

Sam Coleman
February 20, 2021

Have you ever thought, "How did Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg come up with the fascinating startup ideas that brought them billions and changed the world drastically?" Well, there is no instruction on getting a successful startup idea and turning it into reality. However, there are some ways to get a startup idea, based on interviews of successful entrepreneurs. Let's review the top practices in this post below.

Solve a Problem

According to famous entrepreneurs, solving a problem is the most reliable way of getting a startup idea. There are a lot of issues in different niches. Note, people will gladly pay if you offer a reliable solution.

For instance, businesses always experience a lot of problems. They want to hire the best candidates, manage their employees efficiently, optimize production processes, etc. Feel free to analyze all issues that businesses have to cope with every day and develop a solution. If the solution is affordable and effective, you will get a lot of clients.

There is no need to solve entrepreneurs' problems only. You can bring solutions to everyday issues that thousands of people tackle with. As an illustration, most learners worldwide work part-time after lectures and have to do their homework overnight instead of sleeping. However, an online academic writer helps undergraduates get their assignments done with no hassle.

Follow Your Passion

Do you like passing your free time by doing something that doesn't bring you income? Try to do research and discover how you can monetize your hobby. As a consequence, you will be able to do what you like the most and earn money.

If you like shooting video, stop filling your smartphone's storage. Develop a business plan, buy a camera, and start a video production company. Such a startup can be very successful as a lot of businesses want to have engaging promotional videos.

Improve Technologies

A startup shouldn't be something new on the market. Dropbox wasn't the first cloud service on the Internet. Moreover, their pitch to investors was refused as the idea wasn't innovative. However, it was the first well-refined and promoted. It's the secret of its success. The Dropbox founders created easy-to-use cloud storage and promoted it professionally. These days, it's one of the most successful startups.

If you know how to make a particular technology better and convenient for users, don't be shy about enhancing it. Even if you're not the first who invented it, you will easily overcome all competitors by presenting the best product or service.

Brainstorm with Friends

Brainstorming is a very useful method of generating new ideas that different companies also use. It works simply. You need to gather your friends and ask them to pitch any possible startup ideas that arise in their minds. Both you and your mates should communicate and develop each other's ideas.

Even if an idea seems bad, it should be said aloud as it may become a stunning startup background. All the ideas should be noted for further analysis. After the end of a brainstorming session, feel free to treat your friends or make a party for them. 

This way of getting a new startup idea can be time-consuming. Being a student with a lack of free time, don't be shy about ordering essays online to delegate your homework and free your schedule.

Fulfill a Need

There are a lot of needs that appear in people every day. By fulfilling them, you can come up with fascinating startup ideas. For instance, millions of people need to eat, but they don't have enough spare time to cook or go out to take a bite. The desire to fulfill this need brought a lot of startups into the delivery niche.

The demand for top-quality education materials has increased significantly due to the outbreak. Therefore, if you're an expert in a particular field of science and want to share your skills, you can fulfill the need to obtain new skills and create a successful startup.


The Internet allows you to find tons of startup ideas in a few clicks. If there are no good ideas on your list, don't be shy to surf the Internet, searching for new business concepts. Keep the best ones on your list and cross out those that cannot be launched or you don't like. After this, analyze the left startup ideas and choose the best one.

In case you're an undergraduate, you may need to pay to do homework for you due to a lack of time. Online academic writers will help you to cope with conflicting schedules while launching a startup.

Useful Recommendation

A startup idea can arise in your mind at any time. It can appear while walking in a park, during a college lecture, or when you fall in your bed. To not lose a possible successful startup idea, you have to build a habit to record all your thoughts. Having a list of ideas on your smartphone, you will develop a great business concept faster.

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