How to Keep Your Freelancers and Contractors Happy: 6 Tips

How to Keep Your Freelancers and Contractors Happy: 6 Tips

Viktor Zdraveski
April 2, 2023

In today’s world, numerous businesses are relying on freelancers and contractors to supplement their workforce.

Freelancers and contractors can help a business save costs because they are typically paid on a per-project basis. Additionally, if they’ve done a great job on one project, you can consider hiring them in the future, saving you precious time. But if you want to ensure that your contractors and freelancers are always willing to work for your business, you need to keep them happy.

To keep your freelancers and contractors happy and yourself stress-free, you need to make sure they're organized. In order to simplify matters, you can consider implementing an efficient contractor management system to help you coordinate your freelance workforce. From smooth onboarding through streamlined projects and a simplified payment process, this solution can help you better organize your freelancers and contractors and overall improve your workflow.

In this post, we will go through six more strategies that can help you ensure that your independent contractors and freelancers are happy working with your company.

Help Them Get Started

If you want to ensure successful collaboration with your independent contractors and freelancer, you need to set clear goals and objectives right away. You need to be on the same page regarding the timeline, major milestones, expected outcomes, and compensation. 

In addition, since most of them are working remotely, it's helpful to research and provide them with some remote work tips so that they can keep their productivity levels high.

Give Them the Equipment They Need

Make sure your independent contractors and freelancers have everything they need to get the project done on schedule and at the highest standard. It will make life easy for your freelance workforce and guarantee you a high quality of service.

In addition, if your staff isn't provided with the appropriate resources, they could be slowed down in their work, delaying the completion of simple tasks.

Maximum Transparency

Always be clear about the most important tasks and their deadlines, but make sure you have prepared ahead of time and avoid bouncing from one project to the next. Your contractors are dependable, experienced individuals who can provide you with a precise estimate of how long certain activities will take.

It's important to let contractors know how their tasks will contribute to the project's overall success. Research has shown that only 20% of workers who don't feel like they belong at their workplace are engaged, compared to 91% of employees who feel like they do.

Acknowledge Them as Staff Members

As contractors are accustomed to adjusting to new teams and work situations, concerns over their introduction into a company or team are often unnecessary. Treating freelancers as if they were employees and including them in team-building activities in the same manner that you would any other member of your staff is the most effective strategy to make both the freelancers and the permanent workers with whom they will be collaborating feel at ease. It's no secret that no one, even freelancers, like feeling left out.

Bring Out the Best in Them

When you hire a contractor, you get to collaborate with a professional in a certain field. Having them on board can make you more comfortable in making use of their experience in ways you wouldn't be able to with your regular staff since they would likely breeze through the tasks without breaking a sweat. You should not be hesitant to give them difficult assignments or stricter deadlines than you set for workers, but you should ensure that the time limits are reasonable and that both sides can agree on them.

Don't attempt to micromanage them; instead, have faith that they'll get the task done the way they see fit. This delicate effort of balancing might seem different from contractor to contractor and from one management style to another.

Ensure They Are Paid Accurately and on Time

If you want to keep independent contractors satisfied, you need to make it a priority to pay them in a timely and accurate manner. If you have a pattern of paying your employees late, they will grow upset and might even start searching for employment elsewhere. This could have negative consequences for your business, including a loss of reputation.

By using payroll software, you can lower the margin of error and guarantee that all of your temporary employees are paid on time. Having such a system in place can boost your company's credibility and the possibility that freelancers will continue to work with you in the future.

Image by Rodeo Project Management Software on Unsplash

Final Thoughts

Creating a positive working connection with a freelancer as soon as possible is the single most critical step in the process of hiring one. If you treat them with dignity, provide them with the resources they need to succeed, and make your expectations crystal clear, you will be well on your way to achieving your goal of maximum efficiency.

Lastly, as global economies grow, competition for hiring contractors and freelancers will only rise; your company's reputation and connections to unique talent pools may prove to be the determining factors in future competitions for comparable abilities. Hence, make sure you don't put it at risk.

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