How to Promote Your Brand on Instagram

How to Promote Your Brand on Instagram

July 6, 2017

Nowadays, social media seems to be the most effective platform that people employ in order to reach millions of viewers in just a single click! Every day, one hears stories of ordinary people amassing thousands of followers and becoming stars overnight! Using social media to your advantage can publicize your brand more productively than perhaps any other method of advertisement. A variety of companies and brands are noticeably getting aboard the virtual bandwagon to promote their products and to reach out to potential customers.

Instagram, one among them, boasts a staggering fifteen-fold engagement rate when compared to Facebook or Twitter. Here are some of the easiest ways to do Instagram marketing in order to increase followers on your Instagram account:

Add your company’s or brand’s link to your Instagram bio

Remember, on an app with so much variety to offer, your account has only one chance to directly lead a customer to your website. Therefore, make it a point to include your company’s website or landing page link in your account’s bio. Keep your bio interesting, crisp and catchy.

Think about your target audience before posting a picture and writing a caption

Including crisp and noticeable hashtags in your captions is the perfect way to group ideas, concepts or conversations. Not just that, but hashtags make it much easier for your customers to search for and pinpoint your brand on Instagram. There are tools which you can use to find relevant hashtags for your updates, such as ‘’ and ‘’. These tools provide you with a link of hashtags based on your keywords.

Apply correct filters

Your Instagram account’s aesthetic is the key to attract customers. Adding similar filters to create a colour-coordinated look, or choosing colour-enhancing filters can give your Instagram feed a neat, organized and attractive look, which could in turn, influence your overall interaction with customers. Brand promotion is all about posting pictures that correctly embody your brand and your vision.

Post at peak time

Knowing when your target audience is most active on the app is very helpful in the long run since it offers the most engagement options and you can choose at the right time to post. You can check the optimization report provided by the previously mentioned tool, ‘’ to identify the best time for you to post new pictures. Usually, evening and night posts are the most popular.

Create your own hashtag

Creating your own hashtags help readers to reach you easily. For example, KitKat uses the hashtag ‘#takeabreak’, to increase their popularity and engage with their audience better.

Working with celebrity Instagrammers can hugely affect your company’s sales

As celebrities have huge fan followings on Instagram with millions of followers, they can reach out to the largest audiences and promote your product by tagging you in their advertisement post. You can also send your product for review to celebrities. This method may not always yield a positive result, so it’s important to be open minded!

Hope the above steps will help you formulate an effective Instagram brand promotion strategy for the year 2017!

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