How to Scale with Creative Relevancy for Ecommerce Brands

How to Scale with Creative Relevancy for Ecommerce Brands

Molly Crockett
May 11, 2020

With the flooding of online markets, competition is fierce for any ecommerce businesses right now. To stay relevant and successful in the industry, at some point it will be necessary to take the plunge and scale your business to the next level. Luckily for you, scaling an ecommerce business has also never been easier! Scaling up an ecommerce business is a big step for anyone that will require lots of research and hard work. Make sure you are prepared for this exciting new step with these useful tips.

How to Scale Creatively for Ecommerce Brands

1. Connect with the Media

Your brand or company has already concentrated on servicing a specific niche. Whatever you’re selling, you’ve found a demand for it in the market and are supplying it with your ecommerce business. If you have found a market to sell to, you can be sure that there are also numerous media sources also speaking to your target market. You should research blogs, Instagrammers, journalists and websites that share the same interests and passions as you. You can reach out to them to do collaborations, product and service reviews or straight up endorsements. Social media influencers and bloggers are always interested in finding out the latest in their niche and creating up to date content which is why they are sure to be interested in working with you and your product or service. Having a presence in media is a valuable source of marketing. Not only is the viewing audience full of people who are interested in your field, they are hearing endorsements and reviews of your product from real people that they trust. Join the wave of media marketing and watch as sales soar.

2. Embracing email

Despite being one of the most old-fashioned tools of reaching out to people, email is still highly relevant for everyone from individuals, to businesses to governments.  Your ecommerce business and your customer base are no different - everyone needs an email address and you can be confident that they will be checking it consistently. Emails are an efficient and effective tool to build up relationships with your target audience and keep them up to date on exciting developments. Through emails, you can let your customers know about offers, new products, news updates and more! With the increase of communication to your customer base, your ecommerce stays relevant and the number of visits to your site will continue to grow.

3. Loyalty Programme

Give your customers an extra incentive to come back by investing in a high-quality loyalty programme. Your customers are what helps your business grow and survive, by showing them you appreciate their business, you’re building up relationships that are more likely to last. Loyalty programmes have been used by businesses for years because they work. Not only are creating a connection with your customers and persuading them to come back in the future, you also have the opportunity to use the customer data to better understand your consumer base. With this data you can understand what makes your customers tick and mould your marketing strategies and ecommerce growth to their needs and desires. All these factors are key in how a loyalty programme can effectively help to scale your ecommerce business. Trust us, it’s worth the investment!

4. Marketing Strategy

You wouldn’t set off on a new journey without a map. The same applies for scaling your ecommerce business. A marketing strategy provides the direction to take you step by step towards your ecommerce goals. The ideal marketing strategy is completely unique to you and your business. It depends on your goals, your customers and, your products and services. Everyone knows that investing in marketing and advertising is the most important step in growing your business. It works for one simple reason: it tells people you exist. Once your name and business is out there in the world, it can be seen by lots more pairs of eyes that want to know more!

Implementing a diverse marketing strategy that attracts target customers is the most effective way to grow your customer base and scale your business to the next level.

5. Automate and Delegate!

 As your business grows, you should no longer be taking on every responsibility and micro managing all aspects of your ecommerce production line. Before you take the step to scale up your ecommerce business, decide exactly what roles you will be taking direct responsibility for and all others can be automated or outsourced. If your ecommerce business is scaled up to the level you desire, there will be simply too much for one person to manage. Automation can be key to shifting some of those responsibilities onto a consistent and reliable piece of software. There are many things that can benefit from automation such as pricing, orders, feedback, sales and receipts. You could even invest in a chatbot to level up your customer service. Additionally, as CEO of your scaled-up company, you should no longer have the time or obligation for tasks such as fulfilling items, packaging, labelling and postage. These are roles that can be handed to someone else, whether that’s by outsourcing or hiring a new employee.

6. Website Wins

Your website is the foundation on which you can build not only your business but also your brand. Even as you’re busy in the midst of upscaling your business, it’s important to never neglect your website. When a customer is interested in your brand, service or product, your website is one of the first places they will go. Make sure you keep updating your website so that it effectively reflects your business and is as up to date as possible. For many of your customers, your website will give the first impression of your business: you want to make it count.

People are impatient. If a website doesn’t instantly grab them or it has technical errors loading, they will leave without waiting around for things to work out and with little opportunity for a second chance.


Are you ready for the thrilling challenge of scaling your ecommerce brand? With a driven attitude and the right strategies set in place, your ecommerce business will soon be reaching new levels of success.

Molly Crockett is a successful marketing writer for Academized and Ukwritings, where she shares her unique lifestyle tips and personal development advice with her audience. She also writes for Essayroo.

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