How to Start an Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign

How to Start an Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign

October 17, 2017

Every business wants to have a strong presence in the world of social media. It is necessary that businesses realize how to function in the social media marketing world. A thorough analysis of your business and social media presence will help your business understand the kinds of marketing campaigns most likely to be successful.

Following are some tips to adhere to while initiating a campaign: 

Objective & aim behind social media marketing:

Ask yourself why you are launching a social media marketing campaign and your motive behind doing social media marketing. Do you want to create social media presence for your brand or you want to boost up your presence in the online world? Based on your answer, draft a goal-oriented social marketing strategy to achieve these goals.

Check your social media profiles:

A social media profile of a business is a reflection of your business in the online world. You need to keep it updated with the latest posts and articles. Your social media profile should be a perfect knowledge hub for readers to hang out on, that helps them increase their knowledge base. 

Social media audit:

Audit your social media accounts on a weekly basis across all social media channels. Observe your activities along with the level of engagement on them. Make sure you track your insights to see whether your campaigns are working or not. This will give you an opportunity to improve your strategies for better impact.

Social media marketing calendar:

Start putting down your strategies in a calendar typically to ensure consistent posting and also to monitor the activities related to social media marketing. This gives you a brief view of the whole strategy, all the content that is going up on your channels, and how well it is performing with the readers.

Marketing & promotions:

A campaign is not successful until it has achieved the target of achieving good results. For this, you need to identify social media channels that are typically meant for your business. Before starting with online promotion and branding you need to analyze your reader’s/user’s psychology and know the social media platforms they could be using, so that you focus particularly on these platforms, instead of spreading yourself too thin across various social media platforms.   

Social media marketing trends:

You need to be well versed with the upcoming social media trends to make your social media marketing campaign a success. Use trending hashtags to drive more traffic to your posts. Know about the trending factors and try to inculcate them in your campaign.

Influencer marketing:

Have you seen the traditional marketing methods where brands used prominent public figures to launch a product or campaign? That’s exactly what influencer marketing is! Make a list of influencers who are aligned with your industry, follow them and share their articles or blog posts. After a couple of days of doing this, reach out to them and request them to repost your content for greater visibility! This gives your readers a reason to come to your social media profiles and enhance their knowledge bank.

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