How to Talk About your Brand on Digital Media!

How to Talk About your Brand on Digital Media!

November 30, 2017

Digital marketing space is very vast and ever expanding! Businesses that have climbed the ladder of success have mastered every marketing skill. It requires the effort of managing and understanding various skills required to excel in the marketing world.

Online businesses that have a good social media presence are particular about the current happenings in the digital marketing world.

Any brand with the slightest social media presence needs to be well aware of the manner in which one should portray or represent their brand. This is because every impression counts; especially in the digital space where the attention span of readers is just about 2-5 seconds, brands need to make sure they manage to make an impact in such a short time span.  

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Here are some simple marketing tips:

Watch your tone

Although you’re not really communicating by using your voice, the tone you use to convey your messages or communicate with your audience matters. A lot of times, brands that want to sound like they know it all, come off as sounding rude or impolite. Speak to your audience like you would speak to somebody in person. Use the right words and the right tone to build a relationship with your readers and to make sure they understand where you’re coming from. If your tone is light-hearted and personal, you have more chances of gaining their trust compares to when your tone is robot-like and too professional.

Engage with your followers

One of the best things you can do with to your brands’ online presence is to make sure you are constantly engaging with your followers. When you take out time to engage with your followers, it makes them feel important. Let your audience know that you are available to hear them out and listen to what they have to say in order to build a relationship with them. A huge following is a sign of a successful online presence, so make sure you take out time for them. This will also help market your products or brand since getting personal with your audience will make them talk about your brand.

For online businesses, it is possible with the help of business followers. Once you have followers on your side, it becomes easy for your business as people start talking about your business.

Showcase the value

Give your customers enough good reasons as to why they should opt for your products, services or brand. A good way to indicate popularity or success is through storytelling or sharing other customers’ experiences. Present your audience with testimonials from happy users to encourage them to try out your brand. Share videos and images of real users using your brands’ products or services. This is also a great technique because it acts as digital word of mouth advertising. Better yet, get an influencer to collaborate with your brand!

Layout of content

How you present your content also matters. If your blog headlines are confusing or unattractive, or if your infographics are messy, you may have a hard time getting clicks from your audience. Make sure your content is presented in a manner that looks appealing enough, or builds curiosity for a user. A catchy headline, stark graphics or beautifully designed infographics usually do the trick. But there’s more!

Your content should be original, clear, concise and precise. If you beat around the bush without giving away useful information, solutions or knowledge, your audience might move on to something they enjoy more. Along with this, make sure you structure your written content in a presentable manner, and that there are no grammar mistakes.

Hire influencers

Let’s admit it, influencer marketing is taking over social media! But before we dive into it, what is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing works extremely well because it is the equivalent of word of mouth advertising. Anybody who is a successful marketer will tell you that word of mouth advertising is the best way to market a product. Why? Because it is a genuine endorsement from a person who used a particular product or service. Influencer marketing is similar because you request an influencer to publish a post featuring your brand, product or service; and this post is presented to the influencers’ audience (which must be relevant to your industry). Currently, influencer marketing is a big trend for online businesses who are trying to build a strong social media presence.

Your message

Finally but most importantly, what matters most is the message you are trying to convey. If you’re offering a massive sale, let them know in as many words.

Very often, brands drift away from the core message in the quest of being creative or using provoking advertising or marketing. And most of the times, the essence is lost in translation. When it comes to effectiveness, sticking to the core message across all communication can be successful. Highlight the important bits that you want your readers to register. Give as many details as you can without making your message seem crowded or incomplete.

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