How to Turn Your Personal Blog into a Side Hustle

How to Turn Your Personal Blog into a Side Hustle

Dan Cormac
December 18, 2019

If you are a passionate blogger, you may be wondering if there is any possibility of turning your hobby into a side hustle. The good news is that with the right strategies, this option could be open to you, providing you have done the initial groundwork. Once you hit success and are earning a steady income, you may be able to give up your current job role and blog on a full-time basis,turning your everyday hobby into an incredible business opportunity.

What is a Side Hustle?

The term side hustle has become synonymous with the millennial generation as it’s a way to bring in an extra income, and even turn that side hustle into a profitable, viable business. As explained in the blog post by Hiscox, side hustles are becoming the norm in everyday life, whether it’s freelance work, selling homemade items, or tutoring students. With the rise of blogging and influencer marketing, side hustles increasingly include personal blogs as a way to generate extra money. What’s more, side hustles offer the opportunity to work for yourself, to determine your own hours and your own pay. As a freelancer, for example, you can set your daily rate and complete tasks in your own time, as you may work better during the evening or first thing in the morning.

How do you turn your personal blog into a side hustle?

1. Write consistently

Content is the single most crucial aspect of any blog. Writing high-quality content regularly is what draws people to your blog, and what makes them spread the word to their friends and social media following. However, you need to find your own distinct niche that sets you aside from other bloggersin order to get noticed.

According to one study which analyzed articles on the correlation between the length of content and social media shares, it was found that blogs between 3,000-10,000 words received the most attention.

2. Monetize

Ads aren’t the most visually appealing tactic for earning money; however, they’re still one of the main ways ofobtaining a regular income from blogging. Be sure not to bombard users with ads, or it’s highly likely they will instantly click off and fail to return. Instead, use targeted ads that appeal to your readers. The easiest way to get started is by using Google Adsense, which has become the most popular platform in the world for bloggers. Dependent on where the audience came from and the niche of your blog, the amount of income you receive will differ.

3. Great website design

Blog design can be as simple as using a theme and adding a few widgets. When it comes to blogging for business, however, be sure to think beyond the basics. Your blog should visually stand out as a unique platform that is unlike any other. This is where hiring a website designer may come in useful, butthey do come at a significant cost. Designers are able to concentrate on usability, layout, and the visual aspects of the design to ensure your blog is sharp and professional for business purposes, so it is worthwhile to enlist their expertise.

Dan Cormac knows how to make his money go further. A freelance financial journalist, Dan is passionate about personal finance. Whether you hope to escape the chains of debt, to save for a house, or to retire within a decade, Dan explores the most effective ways you can achieve your financial goals.

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