How to Use Dynamic Ads to Elevate Your Social Media Marketing

How to Use Dynamic Ads to Elevate Your Social Media Marketing

Saifullah Napar
November 29, 2022

Use of social media is prevalent, with 57% of the whole population using it. This makes it a great place for businesses to market their offerings, and they call it ‘social media marketing.’

Social media marketing continues to become more dynamic, personalized, and measurable.

With the right tools and approach, marketers can now achieve a new level of segmentation and customization.

Dynamic ads are one way to bring social media marketing to the next level by combining multiple targeting variables into a single advertisement within a user’s newsfeed.

This enables brands to display different images or text based on users’ preferences and browsing behavior.

Dynamic ads are customizable ads or variable ads because they let marketers include properties that change from viewer to viewer.

These dynamic advertisements make it possible for brands to reach users in a more personal way and with greater frequency than ever before.

In this article, we’ve mentioned 8 ways dynamic ads elevate social media marketing. Before we take you there, let’s first have a sneak peek into what dynamic ads are, what makes them different than static ads, and why to use them:

So, let’s get right into it:

Dynamic ads—what they are and what makes them different than static ads

Dynamic ads, also called dynamic creatives, are ‘targeted’ or ‘personalized’ ads. They target the users who have interacted with your brand.

Dynamic ads automatically respond to a user’s browsing behavior. So, if a user has left watching a product on your page, dynamic ads can show up on their screen showing the benefits of that product.

By tracking a user’s behavior, dynamic ads show an ad for a product that a user has already viewed, is interested in, or it shows an ad for a similar product to the one that the user has recently viewed.

In contrast, static ads are 'non-personalized' and serve the same content to every user.

Static ads are aimed to target a wider audience so they’re not personalized to individual level. They are often used for product or feature launches and brand awareness

Unlike static ads, dynamic ads aim to target on an individual level according to a user’s behavior.

Using dynamic ads—a new marketing initiative

Using dynamic ads—a new marketing initiative


Marketing is dynamic in itself and for a good reason. People’s behaviors, likings, or dislikings don’t remain the same; that’s why, marketing, being a customer-centric field, has to continuously mold it according to people.

Dynamic ads is one of the new social media marketing initiatives that marketers are taking to cater to the dynamic nature of people.

Dynamic ads help you create personalized, relevant, and timely ads that are more likely to drive results. They help you to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

They are personalized based on a user’s demographics, interests, behavior, or other factors. The display and content of the ad is also adjusted based on a user’s device type, location, time of day, and other real-time factors.

It all means that you’re directly speaking to an individual potential buyer, and trying to convert them on an individual level—just like a salesman would do.

This way, they’ll be more engaged in what you’re showing them. So, there are more chances of them converting into your buyer.

Isn’t that the prime goal of your social media marketing—increasing your customer base? It definitely is, right? So, that’s why you must utilize dynamic ads to elevate your social media marketing.

8 ways dynamic ads elevate your social media marketing

1. Give more personalization to your ads

Personalization to your ads according to your potential buyers is crucial in today’s business landscape. As much as 72% of customers will only engage with personalized messaging.

So, to make your ads personalized, dynamic ads let you show different ads to different people while still keeping your message consistent.

For example, you can show an ad for an outdoor event to people who have liked your page and a different ad to those who have expressed interest in an outdoor grill.

Dynamic ads help you to show your ads to the most relevant people while personalizing each ad to reflect the product or offer being promoted.

2. Lift your brand by showing ads that resonate with users

Lift your brand by showing ads that resonate with users


A key goal of social media marketing is to create an impression with users that builds brand equity.

While social media ads have become more personalized, many of them are generic, random, and lack any real substance.

For example, a travel brand may show the same ads to people who are interested in taking a vacation to different places and include the text, “book now” or “get away now.”

In this scenario, the ads are generic, not personalized to people with different travel locations, so they don’t create an impression with the users.

Instead, they create a sense of urgency and push people to book a trip as soon as possible.

With dynamic ads, however, brands can be more specific and create a more personal ad that resonates with their audience.

For example, the same travel brand can show one ad to people who are interested in visiting a specific destination and another ad to people who are interested in visiting a different destination.

In both cases, the dynamic ads show a different image of the different destination, the cost of the trip to that specific destination, and a reminder to “book now.”

In this scenario, the ads are specific, personal, and likely to create an impression with viewers, lifting the brand in the long run.

3. Increase relevance of your ads

Relevance is key to social media engagement, especially when it comes to advertising.

Relevant ads are more likely to be clicked and shared, while irrelevant ads are unlikely to receive any engagement whatsoever.

With dynamic ads, you target specific users with ads that are tailored to their interests and behavior. This increases the relevance of your ads and maximizes your ad spend.

Moreover, 80% of the customers are more likely to buy from you if you’re providing them with a tailored experience.

4. Show users different ads based on their past behavior

Show users different ads based on their past behavior


Dynamic ads are a great way to show an ad to someone who has just completed a purchase, abandoned an order, or visited a particular product page.

They help to persuade customers who may have been on the fence to complete the purchase and show others who have missed out on an offer that they can still benefit.

To show different ads to the audience, you’ll need to know their past behaviours. This gives you the ability to target users based on a specific action they’ve taken on your site in the past.

For example, you could target users who have visited your product page for an X product right after they’ve left your site.

It re-engages these potential customers and lets them know about the great deals you’re offering.

5. Display different images based on user behavior and interests

The images that you use in your social media campaigns have the potential to make or break your ads.

If they don’t grab attention, they won’t be clicked.

If they don’t resonate with your audience, they won’t be shared.

Dynamic ads let you display different images based on a user’s interests, behaviour, and past interactions.

This means you don’t have to guess what image may resonate with each customer. Instead, you can display the most relevant images according to users’ behaviors. This helps your ads stand out in the newsfeed and lead to more clicks.

6. Increase engagement

Social media engagement is crucial for driving traffic and leads.

It’s also a great way to get your followers interested in your brand and make them feel like part of the community.

While it’s important to post engaging content, it’s also important to make sure your followers see that content.

After all, creating engaging content is one of the biggest challenges, so you’ll surely want to get the most out of it since you’ve put a lot of hard work into crafting it.

But if it is hidden behind a static ad, then it won’t be seen.

Dynamic ads, on the other hand, let you make sure that your ads rotate with your engaging content.

Your followers will see the content that you want them to see, and your ads will still receive exposure.

For example, you could post a photo of an outdoor event and use dynamic ads to make sure that your ad is shown with that photo when a visitor has viewed an outdoor product on your social media.

7. Create ads that are only shown to specific audiences

Create ads that are only shown to specific audiences


With Dynamic ads, the ads can only be shown to specific audiences.

This means you can show one ad to individuals located in California, another to those in Texas, and yet another to those in New York.

You can even show different ads to people in different countries if you have an international ad campaign.

To create ads that are shown to specific audiences, you’ll need to use your users’ geographical data within your ad campaign.

It helps you to include specific people or exclude others so that your ads only appear in front of the right people based on their locations.

8. Create one advertisement for different people based on their behavior and interests

What if you could show one ad to people who have viewed a specific product on your website and a different ad to those who have viewed another, all while not having to create a different ad each time?

This is possible with dynamic ads as they allow you to combine different images, text, and CTAs automatically.

So, you can show one ad to people who have viewed an X product and a different ad to those who have viewed a Y product.

To tailor one ad according to multiple audiences, you’ll need to create an ad template, which will be customized with different images, text, and CTAs automatically according to the viewer’s data.

This way, you create a more personalized and dynamic ad campaign for your social media marketing.

Elevate your social media marketing with dynamic ads

Dynamic Ads are a targeted, cost-effective way to boost your social media campaigns.

They use data, such as customer interests and website browsing behavior, to show highly relevant ads to the exact people you want to reach.

Besides the 8 ways already mentioned, there are many others that make dynamic ads a great choice to elevate your social media marketing strategy.

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Saifullah Napar

Saifullah Napar is a content writer working in this field for the past three years. He has been writing on topics such as business technology, blockchain, fintech, and digital marketing. (LinkedIn)

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