How to Use LinkedIn for Commercial Prospecting

How to Use LinkedIn for Commercial Prospecting

Arzoo Ch
April 22, 2024

LinkedIn is a valuable tool when we start talking about commercial prospecting. It helps you identify and connect with your ideal and permanent clients. However, you will need a mix of sales skills like list building, automation, and copywriting to level up. Interestingly, LinkedIn prospecting has a higher reply rate compared to cold emails. In fact, we have seen a significant difference - we are talking about 48% Vs 6% in some cases.

Also, LinkedIn offers a wealth of information about potential clients. Its search engine makes it easy to build qualified lead lists and find the right people to connect with you. So…how do top salespeople and leads generators use LinkedIn for prospecting? Let's follow the footsteps of this guide to take a closer look at their strategies and techniques. We have shared some crazy tips here.

Let's dig in!

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile:

Your first and foremost duty should be to make sure your LinkedIn profile is sales-ready. You would not drive traffic to a landing page that is not optimized, right? You can apply the same thing here.

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital first impression, and it needs your help to pull clients. The first thing a client does is check out your profile whenever they receive your message. So, make sure it is appealing and clearly communicates your value proposition.

Here is a quick checklist to go through for optimizing your LinkedIn profile:

  • Design a unique LinkedIn profile picture
  • Create a relatable LinkedIn banner
  • Write a simple and clear headline for your profile
  • Detail your value proposition in the About section
  • Showcase social proof and links in the Featured section
  • Customize your LinkedIn URL
  • Detail your job experiences and education

After optimizing these things, you are completely ready to search for leads using LinkedIn's search engine. You can also visit to get updates on using LinkedIn and Email for commercial prospecting.

Utilize the Features of Boolean Search:

Do you want to build super-targeted lead lists on LinkedIn? Let's get happy because the search engine of LinkedIn offers a range of filters like Job Title, Company Size, Salary, and Company Industry to help you narrow down your search.

But, what if someone wants to get even more specific? That is where Boolean search comes in. Actually, Boolean search lets you combine keywords with logical connectors like AND, OR, and NOT, plus punctuation like parentheses and quotes.

This powerful combo helps you find exactly the profiles you are looking for. For example, you can search for profiles with specific job titles and industries, or exclude certain companies or locations. So, you are free to refine your searches and find the most relevant leads with the help of Boolean search.

Try a Sales Navigator license!

Many of us want to make LinkedIn their go-to B2B lead generation channel. All they need is a Sales Navigator license! Basically, Sales Navigator is like a supercharged version of the basic search engine of the LinkedIn platform.

This facility makes it easy to find and connect with your target audience. Plus, you get access to advanced search filters and exclusive features that help you identify and target your ideal customer profile with the help of Sales Navigator.

It is a must-have for any high-performing sales organization. More importantly, its advanced search features let you drill down to find exactly the right leads. So, Sales Navigator is the right answer if you are serious about generating leads on Linkedin!

Use Tools to Extract Your Desired Contacts:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has a limitation - it does not allow you to export your leads file (CSV) directly. But, there is a solution to this problem. Third-party tools like Evaboot make it easy to export your leads with just a few clicks.

Simply download the Evaboot Chrome extension and click the "Extract With Evaboot" button to export your search results. Evaboot also helps you find your prospects' email addresses. So, you will have a ready-to-use file for outreach.

Okay, Great!

Additionally, tools like Datagma can help you find phone numbers from LinkedIn. This tool makes it easy to add cold calling to your sequences. These tools streamline your lead generation process and help you turn leads into happy customers!

Lastly, you can reach your leads (customers) and connect with them. However, don't try to be hyper-personalized while connecting with your connections.

We hope you enjoyed reading valuable tips on how to use LinkedIn for commercial prospecting!

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