How to Write an Effective Sales pitch

How to Write an Effective Sales pitch

January 31, 2018

Marketers today are flooded with questions about their sales processes, out of which the most common one is “What is a good sales pitch?” But marketers must also focus on the peripheral questions related to the sales department of their business or brand. Is there a consistent sales process in place for your business? Is your business thriving with your current sales pitch? What works well? What doesn’t? With so many businesses in the market offering almost the same services, consumers are flooded with choice. However, this makes it difficult for businesses to stay in the lead by competing with each other.

Big brands constantly provide excellent products and services to solve consumer problems and making their lives easier. Big businesses know exactly how to project themselves to their target audience, and this comes with years of expertise and superiority. However, it is not the same for small or medium businesses.    

Very often, framing the perfect sales pitch is all that is needed before initiating a sales campaign. Your sales pitch should not be something that is forced on to your customer. Instead, it should be something that convinces your customer very easily.

Here are some ideas for writing a sales pitch:

Purpose of pitch

Before you start framing the perfect sales pitch, outline your purpose of writing this sales pitch. Put yourself in the place of your ideal customer and jot down everything you would want to hear if you were your customer. Highlight the problems and pains your products or services solve, strategize your USP’s well and tell your customer exactly the problem you solve or the features you offer. Your sales pitch must be logical and pragmatic, enabling your customers to make a quick decision to adopt your product or service. However, your products or services must offer exactly what you outline to your customer.

Tell your brand’s story

Brand stories is something that is very important in the marketing domain for businesses. Brands or businesses are just like other people. Brands, like humans, have a personality and a story. Use your brand story to connect with your audience. Be it success or failure in the past, share your journey with your audience to add a touch of humanity in your communication. Once your audience knows your story, they will also know your brand better and feel more connected to it. Telling your brand story is an effective way to make an impression in the mind of your audience and is a good start to creating the perfect sales pitch.

Talk in a personal tone

Just as a brand is similar to a person, it must also observe similar qualities. Brands that communicate with their audience in a humanly and personalized manner are likely to be remembered better than brands that communicate with their audience about promotions and offers in a robotic tone. As a brand, you must make a personal connection with your audience first and then offer promotions or discounts.

Connect with audience

Similar to the points we discussed above, it is imperative for a brand to connect with their audience. Have you ever wondered what makes a business better than another? What is it that makes a business generate more returns than another? It is the way they value and connect with their customers.

If a business talks or speaks only and only about its business, it’s audience will soon lose interest. You might be following the correct protocol of pitching about your services, but at the same time you should also be a patient listener. Be a patient listener and value what your customers have to say. This reflects how the customers are a part of your big plan and how your business comes as problem solver for your customers.

Instigate a sense of action

The motto of your sales campaign should be “What’s in it for my audience?”.

At the end of the day, your business will thrive if your customers are happy and satisfied. As a brand your goal should be to fulfill the needs and wants of your customers while making their lives easier. Your brand should be on the lookout for difficulties your customers might be facing and solutions that they are currently looking for.

Instigate an action from your audience by engaging with them on topics that evoke a response. Once your audience notices you taking up topics that are relevant to their wants and needs, they are likely to engage with your brand and take a desirable action.


Showcase the products and services that your brand offers. Presenting your brand and everything that it has to offer helps build trust amongst your audience. It establishes a level of transparency between your brand and your customers and gives them detailed information about your products. Highlight the unique selling points of everything you offer and how it solves a problem that your customer's face.

While giving a demonstration, you might face difficult queries, be confident enough to face them boldly.

Be an expert

Be well versed with everything you say to your customer. Selling anything requires an in-depth understanding of that product or service. For example, to sell a car you must know it inside out.

As a representative of your brand, you must know the product or service very well. You must also be well prepared to answer every tricky question that might come your way

Close the deal

To close the deal, you must be approaching the right person. Not every buyer out there is necessarily a potential customer for your brand. Approach only those who fall under your defined target audience. You must also understand your customer extremely well; this includes knowing what they like, dislike, read, eat, drink or where they shop.

It is not necessary that every potential customer turns out to be your buyer, but you have to close the deal with elegance by making a good impression, one that indents your brands in your customer's mind.

To conclude, an effective sales pitch is much more than telling your audience what your product is about. It requires expertise, empathy and a connection with your audience! We’re sure these sales pitch tips will help you boost your business! Now you know creating a sales pitch is all about creating a formula that is bound to sell.

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