How to Write Great Content for Your About Us Page

How to Write Great Content for Your About Us Page

February 16, 2021

An “About Us” page gives the visitors an insight into your brand. It just might be the first step to build trust with your prospects. Far too often, about us pages are treated as an obligation rather than a valuable opportunity to make potential customers emotionally invested in their brand.

Ideally, the about us page content should highlight your biggest wins, making a strong impression on your curious customers. It should answer any questions your potential consumers might have about your business.
If you are not sure how to write content for a website’s about us page to impart the desired impact on the visitors, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Tell a Story

Telling your brand story helps you connect with your audience on a personal level through shared values. The story you tell puts a human face on what might otherwise be a boring, corporate sales pitch. Mention your achievements, press mentions, testimonials, and awards to build social proof in your story.

Remember to keep it short and interesting. While telling your brand story, you can still appear professional while being casual, even humorous. Be honest and authentic when you convey your company’s mission and the passion you feel for it.

2. Make it About the Customer

Most of the about us pages that you’ll see are used by businesses to glorify themselves and talk about how amazing they are. However, customers are looking for how well you understand the problem that they have which drove them to your website in the first place and how you’re going to solve it.

Simply put, you’re not the hero of your story when you’re addressing your audience, your customer is. So, make it about the customer and use your creativity to describe how you are going to solve the problem that your potential customer has. This will help gather their trust and build a loyal community in the long run.

3. Highlight Unique Value Proposition

Your uniqueness is what sets you apart from the competition. You can draw attention to the unique selling point of your company by crafting the content of the about us page around it. Keep the tone light and relatable and never go overboard with the promises you make.

It’s a powerful way to let people know what your mission is and a way to win over the hearts of your potential customers and help them relate to your company. For example, If your company makes jeans by recycling plastic bottles, explain why that’s important to your brand. Market your values to attract the consumers to your product.

4. Introduce Your Team

Showing the faces of your team in your about us page content helps humanize the brand and creates a friendly bond with the customers. List out your teams’ most instrumental members on your page, so that your customers know they’re in capable hands and feel at ease.

A word of advice here would be to not use stock photography. Add pictures of your team members at work because being real and authentic would definitely help build credibility and gain you customers who are loyal to your business and trust your brand.

5. Encourage the Reader to Take Action

Now when the reader is engaged with your brand, you most definitely don’t want them left sitting there wondering what to do next. Create strategic calls-to-actions(CTA’s) to help them navigate to other parts of your website or redirect them to your product page where you try and score a conversion.

Find the right balance between simple and creative actionable copy while keeping distractions on the page to a minimum. This will significantly increase your chances of converting leads into clients.

To Conclude

Your “About Us” page is the first impression and connection with your prospects. The above-listed aspects are the best ones to get you started. Once you refine the about us section, you’ll see improvement in the conversation rate and other critical parameters of your website.

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