How web Hosting can Affect your SEO Ranking

How web Hosting can Affect your SEO Ranking

Tiffany Watts
August 20, 2018


In the modern world, if a website is not visible on the top page of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, it may never get noticed at all. Websites that are search engine friendly are most likely going to get better Google search rankings, especially if the website is hosted on a high quality hosting server.

A poor web host will have a negative effect on your website search engine optimization and below are some of the reasons why you should select a credible host for your site:

Page load time

The load time of a site is one of the key factors to test. If a site is very slow and takes so much time to load, it is always a problem from the web hosts end. If a web is taking more than two seconds to load, it will de-motivate users to switch to the next available option.

Thus, the website page load time is a sensitive factor you should consider at all times. It is very important for reputation. On the other hand, a website with a good page load time will have a positive effect on the search engine rankings.

Say no to shared hosting

For most people, a shared hosting may be truly cost effective, but it is important to remember that cheap things usually come very easy. With a shared hosting, your website will be hosted with other websites, and by getting with this, the quality of the hosting will be compromised.

Google and other search engines don’t like sites that are hosted on a shared server, because it is against the principles of search engine optimization. Spamming is one of the biggest demerits of shared hosting.

Shun shared hosting if you can, because it won’t provide you with the needed scalability, reliability and speed. Shared hosting may give rise to your website being compromised or data theft. Take a review of BlueHost to understand how an efficient web hosting company works.

Choose local host to target local audience

The location of your server plays a key role in providing your site users with amazing browsing experience. It is better to have server location that is closer to your target audience; this will give rise to faster redirection of audience to your website.

Choosing a local host will be ideal for you, it will make it extremely easy to target local audience and it will invariably enhance your local search engine rankings. For example, search engines like Google prefer to link a European user with a European website, and this is the benefit you will gain when you use a local host for your site.

Spotty uptime

A lot of web hosts advertise availability or uptime as their selling points. It is important to note that no one can guarantee 100% uptime. However, having higher availability or uptime will generate better user experience and high quality of service. Uptime means different things to different organizations. Thus, before you strike a deal with your web host, ensure you read and understand the contract very well.

Your website security

Security breaches remain a big concern for most ecommerce businesses because of the effect it has on the customers. Every person wants to do a business with those they can trust. Poor security website affects the search engine optimization reputation.

Beware of hackers- If they are not properly handled, they can take control of your site, generate spam pages, post malicious contents and put a variety of back links. However, search engines are unhappy with web hosts that have these behaviors, and they lead to poor search engine optimization ratings.


Your website is doomed to be a disaster if it is hosted on a bad host. Please if your website is currently hosted on a shared server, do everything you can to select a better hosting option or else prepare to face poor load time, downtime, website crash and search engine optimization rankings. A good web host comes with a lot of packages; it will guarantee better search engine optimization rankings, 99.9% uptime, and optimize your site with decreased load time.

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