How You Should Optimise Your SEO For Google's BERT Update

How You Should Optimise Your SEO For Google's BERT Update

July 17, 2020

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and is a special technique for improving NLP (Natural Language Processing). When Google released this feature, the entire SEO industry was looking for it since Google termed it as the best update they’ve made in five years, as it impacts about 10% of Google searches. In this article, you’ll learn how to optimize for BERT to help you rank higher on search results. Read on.

Google’s BERT Update

Using BERT allows Google to process specific words in searches in relation to other words in the query, which is different from the word for word processing that Google has been using over the years.

So, using BERT allows Google to understand the context of words in search queries accurately hence enabling them to provide more useful information. BERT mostly targets more conversational queries that include words like to and for as that helps to get the correct meaning and give proper results.

Here are some of the most effective strategies that you can use to optimize BERT:

1. Write Simple and Brief Content

Google always insists that webmasters should write for users and not for search engines. Therefore, as much as you focus on factors such as keyword density, keyword placement, and healthy links you should ensure that your content is of excellent quality. Doing so will help you to be on the safer side of BERT.

BERT mostly focuses on the context of the words used in certain sentences in the body of your content. This update does this to see how simple it is to understand your content. So, if BERT sees your content is easy to read and understand, then it considers your site to be valuable, which gives you a better chance of being highly ranked.

Here are some things that you should consider when writing your content:

  • Avoid using unnecessary flowery words
  • Make your points direct 
  • Your content should be factual
  • Try to make your content updated and useful to the readers

By doing the above, you’ll not only be providing high-quality content, but also optimizing it for BERT updates hence boosting your SEO significantly.

2. Be Specific with Your Keywords

Another major challenge when optimizing SEO for BERT is that it not only considers the simplicity of your content, but also looks at what problems users are looking answers for and how your content is helping solve them. So, you have to be more specific when using your keywords, especially on questions that your content is trying to answer. To get more results from your keywords while optimizing for BERT, make sure you also include search terms with stop words as that is what most people use when Googling. That way, your page will appear more often in search results hence helping you optimize for Google’s BERT more effectively.

Instead of using keyword research tools that most people have, use these tools to get more unique and effective keywords:

  1. People Also Ask Box
  2. Google Autocomplete
  3. Related searches

BERT is a huge feature hence making it vital to optimize your SEO for it. The recent update mostly focuses on checking the quality of content to evaluate how valuable it is to users. Therefore, you must use the above major tips to help you deliver high-quality content and keep up with the update to enable you to rank higher.

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