Importance of Email Marketing for your Business

Importance of Email Marketing for your Business

August 27, 2019

Ever since 1978 when the first marketing email was sent, it still remains one of the most potent marketing tools for businesses. This is not hard to imagine as email is the first thing everyone refers to in the morning. Contrary to the growing beliefs that email marketing is dead and is mostly thrown into spam, the importance of email marketing continues to grow at a steady pace. It may not be seen as attractive and a quick mode like other channels but has been able to build a connection with the audience which values your brand and is highly likely will prefer it over other brands. The real value of email marketing lies in the fact that it is used for building relationships with your loyal customers and give them valuable insights that will be helpful to them in their business endeavors.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is all about your customers. It is a form of internet marketing undertaken by businesses for sending various kinds of promotional messages and newsletters to their customers to their subscribed audience. These emails contain advertisements, valuable information blogs, commercial materials, call for business, etc. Remember, it is completely customer-centric and if done with care not helps you retain your existing customers but acquire new customers.

Some Interesting Email Marketing Statistics

Email marketing has been proven as a trusted marketing strategy as there are nearly 3.8 billion email users across the world who can definitely be reached by their email addresses. It has been suggested that the ROI of email marketing is very high and for every $1 invested, it generates a return of $38. Not only this, it had been proven that email is 40 times more effective than a customer acquisition strategy than Facebook or Twitter. Also, a good majority of people make a purchase as a result of messages via email marketing.

Importance of Email Marketing

Marketing has made tremendous progress in recent years with the advent of so many technologies and strategies. Despite this huge number, email marketing has stood the test of time and has continued to perform year after year. Here are some compelling reasons why you should think about email marketing as a timeless marketing tool.

  • Great Reach: It is no surprise that you are tempted to believe that social media has the greatest market penetration and reach. Facebook has touched a magic figure of more than 1 billion users and even Twitter has reached around 255 million. However, if sheer numbers decide the success of the marketing strategy then an email has an obvious edge with more than 5 billion users. This is easy to gauge, everyone does need an email ID for many transactions or even logging in to these social media engines, while the vice versa is not yet true. Hence, the email does have much greater market penetration.
  • Delivery of Message: If you are also faced with the choice between Facebook and Email for marketing, email weighs much better and the reasons are also sound. The email goes to your inbox while your ad in the Facebook feed can definitely get lost or ignored. Also, if you target 20,000 followers on Facebook, only 400 might see it in their feed while the same number if targeted in emails, nearly 18000 will get the message delivered in their inbox and are more likely to see it. Emails can reach a customer only if he or she has opted to receive the same. So in a way, they have already made a choice to see your messages.
  • Conversions: Getting a conversion is the primary goal of every marketer. An email has proven itself to be a strong channel for conversions. On average, the click-through rate of an email campaign is nearly 3 percent while that for a tweet is only 0.5%. Thus, your success rate is much higher via email. Email conversions are also more measurable as one has access to real-time metrics.
  • Higher ROI: As seen above emails have an unparalleled ability to get people converted, so it also makes sense that email should be the most effective marketing channel which gives the maximum return on investment. This is mainly driven by giving highly personalized and relevant messages which cannot be matched by social media channels. Emails allow you to send messages which are specifically tailored to the needs, likes and wants of your customers.
  • Email is Here to Stay: Yes, this is an interesting point. Unlike other social media channels, an email will definitely stay. This is because it is not a fad or something which can be replaced. It is the basic login ID, an internet address which people do not change normally. In the case of social engines, there has been a common change in interest and loyalty observed. People switch to new engines and new sites depending on what new thing hits the market.

2019 will give a new definition to Email marketing. If done right can potentially connect you to 5 billion people. You have to work on your email strategy at length and come up with highly targeted and customized solutions. Interactive content is one such milestone that you should aim for, to begin with. Strike a connection, touch their emotional chords and then sing your music. Mobile optimization is the trump card to success. Add triggers and CTAs which will guide your customers to the next steps. So, Email Marketing is definitely in and has a huge scope and as a marketer, it is your skills and expertise which will define how far are you able to tap it. 

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