Importance of Pinterest for Businesses!

Importance of Pinterest for Businesses!

September 18, 2017

Pinterest marks its spot at No.6, amongst all social media platforms. Launched in 2010, with over 37+ Million users worldwide, it now has over 175 million active users with the total number of pins close to 75 billion. Pinterest is both a web and mobile-based social media platform. It allows marketers and users to post images, GIF's and video clips, furthermore the feature of boards helps brands leverage and strategize content in an organized structure for their audiences. It is an image bookmarking platform where users pin their posts (images/pictures/blogposts) for the purpose of storing and sharing. The topics on which users pin vary from trending DIY’s, food, shopping, arts & crafts and much more. To make a successful Pinterest marketing campaign for your business, it is advisable to firstly have some knowledge of how the platform works. So, how important is Pinterest for business?

Let’s have a look:

Faster growing social network channel:

Pinterest, ever since its inception is growing at a rapid pace. With over 176 million users it has become the perfect spot for businesses to promote their brand. New users are adding up to the Pinterest world every day, thus increasing the number of users.

Best visual tool for audience:

Pinterest is the best visual tool for audiences since all kinds of images are supported here. Ability to pin, re-pin, like and comment has made Pinterest the next best photo sharing media for customers as well as for brands. Details like image characteristics and attractive colours help you draft a successful Pinterest marketing strategy for your business.

Keywords & hashtags:

Pinterest further helps a company with SEO benefits. Keywords and hashtags used in image description helps a company with SEO benefits and drives search engine rankings. It helps in inter linking within different platforms. But make sure that you don’t overdo your hashtags! Adding up to two hashtags is enough for users to check out your pinned posts.           

Enhance brand image:

A business can post high quality images about its brand and related products. One can sensibly use Pinterest as a marketing tool. Doing so provides a very close interaction with the audience that helps boost a brands image. A brand can create a board and post images showing how it evolved and made its mark in the digital marketing world.

Ability to pin videos and blog posts:

Pinterest allows users to pin videos and blog posts on their respective page. This helps the brand by not having to use any third party website links for such activity, as everything is possible from within Pinterest and drives more interaction within the same platform.

Display products and sales:

Pinterest helps marketers create different boards on Pinterest and leverage them to display images of products to draw the audience into a purchase cycle. It paves the way for marketing their products or services in the form of graphics. Pinterest statistics reveal that users often ditch regular shopping sites and check out the brand services/products on this platform.

Pin description increases visibility:

Next time you pin a post, an image or any graphic, don’t forget to add a description to your pin. This gives a brief outline to the users who are either viewing your pin or when they are searching for a pin with a particular topic.

Better user engagement:

Users view pins depending on their interest. A user can pin it, add it to Pinterest boards or even share it, thus popularizing your pinned post. This in turn increases user engagement and brand promotion.

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