Digital Marketing Trends Set to be Phased Out

Digital Marketing Trends Set to be Phased Out

June 11, 2019

2019 will be defined by highly versatile and bold digital marketing trends which will seek to change the whole dynamics of the game. There is no doubt on the fact that the future digital marketing trends will be different from the ones which have been followed for a long time. While some might travel to the future but most of them are bound to die.The latter is primarily due to the fact that the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. Although it has maintained its a customer-centric approach, it is now much more detailed, thoughtful and highly personalized. As per a survey conducted by the Economic Times, it was stated that by 2020, digital marketing will grow at 32 CAGR by 2020. The latter will also increase the digital marketing spend to 24 percent from the current rate of 15 percent.

Ineffective Future Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing will have to be more personalized and engrossing and marked by extremely innovative digital marketing ideas. It is time to re-examine your current strategies and evaluate them in terms of their future relevance. Some of the notable trends which are bound to be phased out are:

  • Organic Reach on Facebook: The organic reach of Facebook has been dying for many years and time has arrived when it has reached its final destination. 2019 will take a  bold approach and define the beginning of the ultimate end of the organic reach platform of the social media giant for good. This has also resulted from the algorithm change under which Facebook has prioritized meaningful conversations or points of interactions between closely related individuals over posts generated from business pages.
  • Automation in Marketing: The digital marketing trends as they have shaped up recently strongly limit heavy dependence on marketing automation. This robs the brand of its human touch which is the underlining requirement of creative digital marketing ideas. The importance of adding a personal touch to your marketing strategies was never so pronounced. It has become vital to the survival so even if you introduce the same in 50 percent of your approach and touch-points you will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition. The idea is to make the customers feel that they have been valued and each one of them matters. Just keep in mind that the digital marketing trends which will prolong are the ones which have embraced personalization to the core.
  • Lack-Lustre Blogging: This may remind you of the time when the Internet had the dial-up connection and was dominated by short and general blogs. There was no dearth in terms of numbers but definitely a huge gap in terms of depth.  Most of the posts were vague and irrelevant. Things have come a long way since then and now unlike those times, people have become much more friendly with technology and thus even more demanding when it comes to quality. A person will only go beyond a few seconds on your blog post if there is something different to offer. 2019 will further tighten on the requirements of the already present hyper-specific blogging. Thus, the idea is to be strictly relevant to the topic else the next blog on the internet will be. Also, there is a larger market for quality over quantity. You should keep in mind that the world is moving towards more innovative digital marketing ideas which bank high on quality.
  • Long Video Ads: The known video giants like YouTube have shown an apparent push towards hyper-short video ads and has shown its preference to the ones which adhere to tight time constraints. Thus, shorter videos have taken precedence over the longer ones as they are more marketable. So, if your brand is in the process of designing award-winning video commercials, just ensure that you are able to create magic in seconds as these video engines are pushing ahead with the 6-second bracket for commercials to match the unfolding future digital marketing trends.
  • Optimization of Texts: The rules of optimization have changed across the board and mere optimization of text is suicidal. You have to accept the fact that just playing around with text is not enough and in 2019, one is definitely considering optimization of both the video and images as well. This one is not for killing the competition but for survival. Additionally, search has become more dependent on the voice; so any strategy focuses only on text is bound to be phased out.

Essence of Future Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends have taken on a personalized robe and this change is here to stay. There is no one-size-fits-all anymore, as each touch-point has to be well-tailored to cater to a specific customers to address their core concerns. The future will be thus dominated by highly innovative digital marketing ideas with the potential to strike the right chord with the target audience. It has to have a striking touch of AI and voice optimization. Brand positioning in future will be decided by its state-of-the-art content which is short, effective, deep and highly engaging. RedAlkemi has truly embraced the emerging trends and can provide you the best digital marketing service. The future demands a change in your strategy and there is no better time to reinvent yourself. Think!

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