Influencer Marketing for B2B in 2018!

Influencer Marketing for B2B in 2018!

January 15, 2018

Influencer marketing growth has been substantial over the years. Data proves that just in the past two years it has grown four times. This is no longer just a promising marketing gimmick but rather an important part of most marketing budgets. Be it small businesses, established conglomerates or even start-ups, this is now a priority for any brand. Influencers are present in every niche with a sizeable following on social media and can help a small business reach out to their target audience.

Influencer marketing for small business is effective for brand marketers looking to target a specific audience. Research shows that micro influencers or those with 30,000 or lesser followers can at times be more influential than celebrity accounts with millions of followers. Influencers are figures active on social media who have gathered around them people or communities who share a common passion or interest and are willing to listen to these figures. Forbes has termed Influencer marketing b2b as the most effective way to advertise.   

Importance of influencer marketing

If you are spending a large budget on AdWords and social media without getting the desired results then perhaps it is time to change track and try Influencer marketing b2b. Statistics reveal that almost 70% consumers will make a purchase recommended on social media. Just social media may not be the answer if your advertisements are not paying off. Influencers are the ones who can help build credibility for you on social media.

Influencer marketing can also improve your strategy on social media. However, the crucial part is choosing the right influencers, if you want an edge over your competitors. The right influencers will also help you reach a wider and newer audience. It has several benefits which we find lacking in traditional marketing.

Influencer marketing trends for 2018

It is said that that there will barely be any brand which will launch a campaign without the inclusion of at least one influencer.

Video marketing

This was the big winner in 2017 and the trend will continue and grow in 2018. Whether it is bloggers sharing beauty videos on YouTube or brand based video campaigns, there will be more of visuals this year. Brands are turning more and more towards influencer created visual content as these are effective in increasing sales.


When we talk of effective video marketing, Instagram stories are also a part of that. The app managed to push Snapchat stories to second place last year. Instagram Stories owe a large part of their success to influencers’ social media, who encouraged users to use this app effectively in gaining more followers. Brands were able to think out of the box and create stories through ads, tagging and adding links.

Increase in budget, costs and value of the service

Since the trend is gaining popularity and more and more brands jump on to the bandwagon, influencer marketing for small business will be more in demand. This increase in demand will mean that the cost of the service will increase too. Major brands after testing the waters with influencer marketing and realizing its potential are shifting a large chunk of their budgets from mainstream marketing to influencers.

Authenticity of influencers

The importance of influencer marketing and its success was mainly due to brands connecting effectively with the audience through reliable and authentic social media figures. But with the growing demand, there will also be plenty of fake influencers now in the market, since buying fake social media followers is easier now than ever. Working with these can be an absolute disaster for your brand as you will be investing big budgets without any results. Brands will need to be cautious in choosing and working with the right influencers.

Influencer marketing b2b is the next big thing and brands, big and small will need influencers to extend their reach as well as amplify their marketing campaigns. If you haven’t already experimented with influencer marketing then this is the time for it. It would be advisable to first start with a small budget and test the waters with a few influencers and ascertain if this strategy works for your business.    

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