Inspiration for a Fantastic Social Media Presence!

Inspiration for a Fantastic Social Media Presence!

November 1, 2017

Does your social media presence lack a spark? Are you running short of ideas on what to share on social media?

Having a good presence for your business on social media is not an easy task. However, you must remember to broaden your vision and be on a constant lookout for new ideas for content to post on social media to boost your business online! Social media is the perfect place to start establishing your business. There are plenty of people who are looking for products and services that your brand may offer. But your presence on social media needs to be more than just what your brand is trying to sell. You must establish a relationship with your audience and users in order to boost your business online and establish your brand as a credible one.

Here are some ideas you can use to kick-start your process:  


If you carefully look at social media posts that are uploaded on various social media platforms and receive a good amount of traffic, you will notice how businesses and people utilize the potential of hashtags to become more popular. This is a great way to make your posts more visible.

One can always search a social media platform using a hashtag and know how popular a particular topic is. Including trending hashtags in your content can be a way of writing on topics from a different perspective!

Topics that influencer’s discuss

Social media influencers add value and credibility to a business. Users who follow a particular social media influencer prefer taking the opinion of an influencer as they are considered as people with extensive knowledge.  

Social media influencers are always on the lookout for trending topics they could write on. Being a part of a community where social media influencers discuss various topics makes it a great spot for collecting new and innovative ideas.

Comment section on your website

Businesses that have an established social media presence don’t realize that the comment section on their social media pages is a wonderful space to gather user feedback and opinions. Businesses often ignore this section of their website and their social media pages. However, this area should be given more importance since it is direct feedback and a good opportunity to gather valuable user opinion in the quest to improve products and services. Although positive comments boost your efforts put in, a negative comment gives you a different perspective from a user; something you must resolve immediately.  

Social media business page 

Social media business pages are a must for brands that wish to have a strong presence online. Having a business page on social media is an excellent way to discuss various topics, convey brand values and messages, update audience on new trends, tips and tricks, and keeping them in the loop with what the brand is up to.

Social bookmarking sites

Refer to the top rated content to get an overview of trending topics that people are writing about. Discussion forums like Reddit, Pinterest, etc provide ample ideas on topics. With thousands of people joining discussion forums daily, it is a good idea to roam such websites to get ideas and inspiration on what kind of content to share on social media.

Running a poll/survey

Conducting a poll or survey where you ask for opinions and valuable feedback from your users is a good way of collecting information on a single topic. For example, if you are looking to write an article about the different tools to use for creating graphics online, you may conduct a survey amongst your audience and ask them the different tools they use!

Then, if you like, you could take users opinion into consideration and get some innovative ideas.  


Infographics are nothing but useful content in the form of images. Try and write down your own content and format it into an infographic. Keep a track of infographics that are uploaded on the internet, try to collaborate all the ideas together.

If you ever feel that your business lacks a positive social media presence, spend some time getting inspiration from different websites, businesses and social media pages.

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