Instagram for Business: 6 Tips to Grow Your Audience

Instagram for Business: 6 Tips to Grow Your Audience

August 20, 2021

Instagram is increasingly becoming a popular choice among businesses around the globe to boost their social media presence. With one billion active users every month, brands are recognizing the necessity of being on Instagram. The platform's ability to build an active audience, grow conversions, and drive more traffic makes Instagram investment-worthy. 

Moreover, about 68% of consumers use Instagram to connect with their favorite brands. The users spend about 29 minutes daily exploring the platform. With such amazing stats, which business would not like to have an account on Instagram. Undoubtedly, every business would!

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However, only having a business account on Instagram is not sufficient; you also need to grow your audience base. Only when you have a large audience base, your business can stand out and stay ahead in the competitive race. 

A number of businesses think that it is quite easy to acquire new followers on Instagram. Pay for followers and likes sites are available everywhere. However, it is just a shortcut and not an organic way to grow your audience. The Instagram algorithm keeps changing. You need to be familiar with it to get the best ideas on how to increase your Instagram audience.

Is your business presence on Instagram isn't what you hoped for? Then it's time to learn some strategies to get organic and real followers. The larger your audience is, the more opportunities you get to engage with potential customers and deliver unique experiences.  

In this article, you will get to know 6 effective tips to grow your audience on Instagram. With these tips, you can start building a strong presence of your brand right away. Let's dive in!

6 Effective Ways To Grow Your Instagram Audience

Optimize Your Business Profile

When your business is on Instagram, you must consider the Instagram profile to be your business homepage. The first thing you need to do is create an Instagram business profile. Having a business account can provide you with a number of additional perks and increase your success rate on Instagram.

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Remember, you only have a few characters, action buttons, and one link to win your potential customers. Make sure to craft an eye-catchy bio to make a strong first impression. Next, a short description of what your business is all about works great. Craft the content of your profile in such a way that it speaks of the personality of your brand clearly. 

Also, make sure that your profile has the category of your business and contact information. Link in the bio can drive much traffic to your website. You can simply add your homepage link or keep changing it to showcase your current content. 

If you want to have more links on your Instagram profile, leverage the action buttons. Lastly, ensure having a search-friendly user name that is similar to your real brand name.

Post Regularly

Instagram is full of engaging content for users. The platform usually shows relevant and recent content to the users. In order to grow your audience, posting content regularly is a must. Scheduling your Instagram content can surprisingly increase the visibility of your brand.

The Instagram algorithm analyzes the activities of individuals and accordingly personalizes their timelines. Make sure to determine the best times to post your content and maintain a consistent content calendar. Posting at times when more people are online can help you easily drive more traffic. 

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Well, there is no specific best time for posting content on Instagram. However, there are ideal times for reaching out to a greater audience. To find out the ideal times, you need to post a number of times in a day. Later, you can check the specific times that have a higher engagement rate. 

Look For Hashtags That Converts

One of the best ways to get more audience for your business on Instagram is to use hashtags. Hashtags have been an excellent tool for greater discovery and maximum social reach. However, simply using any hashtag won't get you more followers. Instead, it would help if you are looking for the right hashtags.

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If your business is new to Instagram, look for not-so-populated hashtags. However, for others, it is important to find hashtags that your target audience is likely to follow. Once a connection is established, there are high chances that the users will follow your business account. 

Search for unique and trending hashtags to use in your Instagram posts. That can help you attract more users to your page.

Experiment With Variety Of Contents

Instagram is not just about images and texts but much more. A wide range of content is available on the platform, like IGTV, video, stories, and reels. To increase user engagement on Instagram, try using a mix of different types of content. 

The Instagram algorithm considers the interest of each person and shows them that type of content. For instance, if an individual likes more videos content, there are more likely to see more videos on their feeds. So, make sure your brand shares all types of content to reach out to more users. 

However, Instagram reels are becoming more viral in recent times. Sharing more reels can be a game-changer and incredibly increase your followers. 

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Get Brand Advocates And Partners To Post Your Business Content

One of the best ways to attract more audience is to be present in front of them. It is not only important to be present on your Instagram page but on that of others too. In order to get your business brand on your customer's feed, try to sponsor user-generated content.

You can even hold a few Instagram contests to make your brand visible to a larger audience. Working with notable influencers is another great way to connect with a larger audience. Collaborate with the influencers and make them share your brand's content with their audience.

However, make sure that you offer them something of optimum value. Also, look for co-marketing plans and marketing collaborations to grow your audience on Instagram.

Evaluate Your Results

If you keep making changes but do not get the desirable results, it's simply a waste of time. To avoid such situations, it is important to evaluate and analyze your results. For this, you need to look into Instagram analytics daily. 

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Monitoring the performance of content will help you to engage your audience better and attract more users. It will provide you with insights into what's working and what's not and enable you to make the necessary changes.

The built-in analytics tool of Instagram allows you to check the likes, shares, comments and saves of each post. Make sure to keep track of the content performance and accordingly plan strategies to increase your Instagram audience.


Instagram continues to evolve and become a favorite platform for people worldwide. So, it's time to make the most of Instagram and take your business to the next level of success. Following these simple yet effective tips can help you grow your audience on Instagram. So, start implementing them, and you are sure to get amazing results. 

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