Is it Time to Rewire your Sales Prospecting Techniques?

Is it Time to Rewire your Sales Prospecting Techniques?

February 7, 2020

Businesses are all about creating value for your buyers and deriving profits in the process. It is a win-win situation that leads to sustenance and growth. We hear a lot about the pace of development around the speed at which businesses are getting transformed around the world. This is no hype but at the same time, the basics still remain unchanged. You are still looking at more buyers and revenue to fund your effort. You are still looking at more sales!

So, if you agree to the above, and before we actually take you through some amazing sales prospecting techniques, let us brush up some facts!

You must have come across two terms quite frequently- the sales prospects and leads. So, when we talk about sales prospecting, who are we referring to- leads or prospects or they both the same?

To cut a long story short, they are not the same! Leads are not your prospects!

While leads are the ones who have at some point of time expressed a special interest in your business or its offerings, or maybe have also visited your website, gone to the extent of even buying subscriptions but they remain as leads till the time their needs are not in sync with your ideal buyer. It is at that point that your lead is converted into your prospect.

Here we are going to unveil the most promising sales prospecting techniques that if taken up with care can open up many new possibilities. But it also makes sense to address another question.

Why do you have to do it?

It is good to see the importance of sales prospecting as you will be able to see the purpose and can then better relate to it. It is a common understanding that sticking to any old practices will only take you to old people. As times change and new things hit the market, the needs and wants of the people also change. If you are able to dedicate a sizeable amount of your time and energies to refining your target audience you will be much better placed in terms of getting to the right prospects. Remember, showing the right product to the wrong person is equally bad as showing the wrong product to the right person. Timing, of course, has a role to play.

It just requires you to think different and times it right. The point is to strike a lasting connection with your most promising prospects.

Here are some Fresh and Creative Ways to Reach Sales Prospects

Build Strategic Sales Collaborations

Whoever your target audience is, they definitely also indulge in buying other products that may not be in direct competition to yours but they still work in your niche and have the same target audience.  Figure that out and prepare a map. Now if your sales squad is able to draw links with the sales teams of these organizations, you can actually give shape to immense synergy as you will be able to know your prospects better. You are also able to understand what other products complement your own.  Not only that, but you can also tap into their client pool and vice versa.

Make Yourself Seen

You have to constantly make an effort to be a part of everything that your customers like to visit. This not only helps you win new and relevant connections but also makes your customers realize that you are a part of their community. So, paying visits to trade shows, conferences, knowledge-exchange programs, etc. is a long-term but a winning strategy to foster relationships and make new ones. A quick takeaway if to ensure that you are able to pitch your product when you become a part of these events.

Social Media Presence

A strong and active social media presence always works. It not only allows you a chance to do active social listening but to make new connections. It is highly beneficial to make yourself familiar with individuals from across the network and work on building trust and credibility. By being active, we mean to have an opinion, a perspective about the things that are making rounds in your niche. This will also make you known as a thought-leader and a business that can bring change.

Offer Complementary Consultations

This will help your circle to know you better. Remember there is a prevalent hesitation among people against sales professionals. So, if you offer a free consultation on your products or services, it is an add-on that will be highly appreciated and well-received. Try going in for it. But, do not overdo it. Remember, to bind it in time-limits.

All Leads are Important

Ground rule of marketing is that you do not lose hope unless all is lost. At the same time, not every lead will turn into a prospect. But, there is always a chance if you are able to hit at the right time with the right marketing backup. This is a time when you no longer afford to be boxed. You have to go out and let people know you. At the same time, it is also important to nurture the leads you already have. Chances are not all will get converted, some do not have the intent while others cannot afford it. But, there can be references these people can make if they really like you. Keep trying your luck!

So, the bottom line is that a little extra effort and a little more time spent to tweak your approach may take you places you never imagined. It is all there, and it will entirely your ability to be able to make most of it. You have to make yourself more appealing and generate a pull so people want to know you. Align yourself to the latest buzz in the market and see what is selling and how are people connecting. Almost all the sales prospecting techniques suggest one common thing-Just be there to be known!

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