Is your Business Committing These 8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

Is your Business Committing These 8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

September 29, 2017

Social media marketing platforms allow us to form online connections and have quick access to new prospects and opportunities. Even small businesses now understand the importance of social media, but they often make critical and costly mistakes while setting up their social media marketing strategy.

Here are 8 common social media marketing mistakes businesses make and how to avoid them:

Not having a proper plan

To avoid any wastage of valuable time and money, start by making a proper social media marketing plan. You should know exactly what you want to achieve from social media and how you will achieve it. Outline a social media marketing strategy for your business and promote your brand effectively.

Promoting on all platforms

A social media marketing platform that has worked wonders for a brand may or may not work well for your brand! Find out where your potential customers usually hang out and love spending time, not all social networks make sense for every business. This is the most common social media mistake made by companies, trying to imitate a brand’s strategy.

Rather than spreading yourself thin on every social media platform without any engagement, concentrate on focusing on either 2 or 3 platforms so that you inculcate a healthy interaction with customers and get real followers.

Not measuring return on investment

Time and resources are always limited, so it’s important to measure every aspect of your business to be sure if it’s worth the investment or not. Most social media marketing platforms have various analytical tools associated with their platforms, and these must be utilized. But before switching to these tools hurriedly, first examine whether the tools are worth the investment!

Promoting without listening

Hard core selling is a real turn off for users! Don’t be on social media to just promote your business, as people are not on social media to see business promotions only. Once in a while you can pitch with a selling tone, but not always.

If you constantly talk about your business and what your business offers without listening to others, your network is sure to fall flat. This is a common social media mistake made by companies. Try to connect, jump into conversations with new people, and ask questions; make such little efforts to get people engaged. Having a healthy discussion with people on social media reflects your interactive approach.

Not addressing negative comments

Businesses often come across some dissatisfied customers and clients who post negative comments concerning their products/services. Not addressing these comments reflects badly on your brand image. By deleting those posts you are, in a way, indicating that you are uncomfortable with what your brand is doing or represents. Be well versed with social media etiquette for businesses to deal with negative comments in the right way and earn more brand loyalty than you ever have. This will increase your brand value.

Lack of passion

Efforts on social media will pay off but it takes time to get outputs on social media. To be successful you must have that fire in the belly, you should know your brand better than anyone else. Your social media efforts will not work at all if you aren’t passionate. Social media can make a big impact on your business, but you need to be passionate about it!

Not reviewing analytical tools regularly

Google analytics is a wonderful tool that provides a deep insight into how well your website is doing, the traffic it’s able to generate while being on social media. It gives you a well-defined picture of where the traffic is generated from, and on which social media marketing platform is the majority of your audience present. It tells you about the demographics from where maximum traffic is generated. This gives you a whole reflection of how your plan is actually working out and gives you a fair chance to remove any faults present. Off and on check bounce rates and exit rates, which give you a clear picture of how well the business is going on social media with the audience.

Not knowing the aim behind using social media

Some brands follow the pack and switch to social media for the mere sake of being present online. Moving ahead without an aim will not give any fruitful results. Analyze your purpose behind using social media for your business. Social media accounts are there to interact with your customers, people who could be your future prospects and other businesses that can either be your peers or can learn something from your business. Try to understand, social media is not just for promotions.

Social media marketing can give excellent results for businesses, but only if it is utilized in a proper way. Make sure you avoid these mistakes for your social media campaign to get fruitful results. Now that you know what not to do on social media, reach out to us to avail any social media services you might need help with, because we understand how difficult it can be to run a business as well as promote it online.

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