Latest Web Development Trends 2020

Latest Web Development Trends 2020

Alex Buffet
October 9, 2020

Billions of people use the Internet for different purposes. Website owners give close heed to their platforms and try to develop them in the most effective and progressive way. Web developers want to receive high salaries and likewise monitor the latest changes and demands in the market of web development. Every year offers some new methods, as well as the old ones, which are updated and improved. If you want to remain competitive (being a web owner or developer), you should know the current tendencies.

Smart programming assignment experts from would like to shed some light on this interesting topic. They offer several web development trends, which are important in the year 2020. Using them correctly and on time, website owners and developers will meet the highest objectives. Let’s briefly review them.

Progressive Web Apps

People actively use progressive web apps (PWA), which have a strong impact on the market of online technologies. It helps the World Wide Web (WWW) to reach a new quality level and make the website browsing experience more convenient.

The statistics show that users prefer mobile applications to desktops and tablets. Over 80% of their time with gadgets is spent on mobile applications. Accordingly, PWA will make browsing closely related to mobile use.

If you’re interested in progressive web applications, learn what technology to use. Consider, Angular, React, and Polymer. You will save heaps of time if you intend to create PWA. Native applications are more expensive and time-consuming.

Voice Search

Another popular tendency is the implementation of voice search. This technology is trendy for several years in a row and its popularity constantly increases. The statistics show that almost 80 million US users preferred voice search in 2017. Today, their number has increased to 117.7 million. Moreover, the experts predict that this tendency will keep on and the technology will have over 122 million users in 2021.

Why do so many people prefer voice search? The answer is obvious – it’s very fast and easy. You don’t have to open the browser and type a keyword. All you need is to activate the program using your voice and tell what you want to find on the Internet or use on your mobile phone. It’s applicable to all businesses across the web. You should use Web Speech API to successfully use voice search. Besides, its cost is relatively cheap.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Another trend to follow is AMP. This abbreviation stands for accelerated mobile pages. Google is one of the most noticeable and successful developers of this unique technology. It allows for quickly creating websites and making them usable on mobile devices. The comparison of speed will tell you more. If you use AMP, it’ll take only 2 seconds to download the required webpage! On the contrary, it takes 22 seconds if you use non-AMP.

Although the difference is 20 seconds, most users really appreciate this speed. On most occasions, an ordinary user skips a website if its webpages don’t download during the first 15 seconds. Accordingly, this difference is important.

Responsive Websites

As we have already mentioned, most people prefer mobile applications. Accordingly, people begin to discuss the usefulness of the so-called responsive websites. They are not new to the market, but their importance remains high. Google is going to rework online searches via mobile phones. It won’t depend on the frequency and popularity of requests only. It will likewise depend on the smoothness of online platforms.

In other words, users will be suggested platforms that are enhanced and optimized. If a website downloads slowly, contains multiple bugs, etc., it’ll lose high ranking. It’ll make website owners reevaluate their regulations and enhance the functioning of their websites. We believe that such a smart move from Google will positively affect the web development industry.

API-First Development

You should likewise pay closer attention to API-first development. Nowadays, people use multiple devices of different brands with different functions and operating systems. Users want to connect them and thus, the implementation of API-first technology becomes of huge importance. It helps to enhance the connectivity of different devices and technologies. If you’re interested in this area, we recommend using Swagger and API Blueprint.

Push Notifications

We guess all experienced users are aware of push notifications. Some may argue their importance because every mobile application already has its own technology of message delivery. Nevertheless, push notifications are among the sought-after web development brands in 2020 as well.

It helps to receive the desired notifications about everything users need. For example, you’re interested in real estate. Using your mobile application, you can subscribe to this topic and receive relevant notifications on the topic. You can use special filters to receive the messages, which fully suit your objectives. It’s very fast and convenient. There’s no need to register somewhere or leave credentials. Make sure you find the adequate tools to organize the delivery of messages effectively.

These are the most relevant technology tendencies for people interested in web development in 2020. Knowing them, every website owner will understand how to promote his/her platform. Every web developer will understand what to follow to remain in demand and get employed. Try these and some other trends to be competitive. For example, chatbots, motion UI, and other technologies are trendy too. Mind that many of them will be relevant in 2021 as well.

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