Marketing Trends For Mobile Apps Which Will Make It Big By 2020

Marketing Trends For Mobile Apps Which Will Make It Big By 2020

Shira Gray
June 24, 2020

Through the years, the world has witnessed how marketing strategies evolved at an unprecedented rate, without any signs of slowing down, much more halting. The mobile app development industry is no exception, with trends that would make it big in the years to come, and particularly for this year. There are numerous technologies, which are set to impact the mobile application development field this year. 

In this era where the world is headed towards digitization, mobile apps and mobile app development services are obtaining a phenomenal traction in all aspects of life and becoming a necessary part of the digital environment. A great investment in the app industry by many technology giants was witnessed and continue to be in the past years. Small businesses also are slowly realizing the relevance of mobile applications and integrating them into their processes. 

Time flies, new technologies come, trends come and they go.  Probably, some would become a norm, and perhaps would become obsolete as well.

Not to mention, it’s there in all its power and grace. And with time, it has become all the more prominent. We’re almost in the middle of 2020, and just like every year, this year we’d see some trends climbing to the top and leaving significant footmarks in the field of technology. 

Let’s check out the top trends for the app development market this year and perhaps in the coming years. Furthermore, let’s try to determine where the future of the industry is headed. 

Top Marketing Trends in Mobile Apps in 2020

1. Emergence of the Beacon Tech

One of the emerging techs leveraging the BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy signals power. Thus, it helps connect businesses and enterprises with customers. Different industries, such as hospitality, healthcare and others are embracing this futuristic tech’s true power. 

Experts stay that the tech, along with IoT could revolutionize the retail environment. With a beacon-powered app on a mobile device, each time the device enters the beacon’s zone, the app will catch the signal and show fitting notifications to device owners accordingly. 

A quick peek into the upcoming Beacon trends:

  • Beacon treasure hunting
  • Beacon-powered industry 
  • Beacon-powered mobile payment
  • Transform physical games with the tech’s power

2. AI

Its’ all about Conversational Marketing these days, However, we know that conversations could take time, such as human interactions in particular. However, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, we get to have instant chatbots conversations. 

Chatbots are pre-programmed with the right responses as per different queries of users while further eradicating any kind of human involvement. Today, when businesses combine AI with deep learning an ML, a real-time analytics treasure and valuable data would be unearthed for business growth. 

A glimpse into Artificial Intelligence trends:

  • Automate IT functions with AIOps
  • Chips that are AI-enabled
  • Adaptive battery ensuring increased battery life
  • Neural networks interoperability
  • Language and voice translations

3. Internet of Things

The smart home concept is growing, based on the futuristic IoT technology only. Business organizations are going gaga over making an investment in smart home application development. Moreover, it’s not just about smart homes and cities. 

Market experts state the self-driving and smart cars definitely will rise with the advancements in the Internet of Things this year and beyond. 

4. Voice Search

We have recently witnessed voice apps that prove to be basic search engines with a main set of features. Voice search applications, such as Siri, Alexa and Google are big examples of the popularity of the apps that have skyrocketed in the past few years. 

As per a lot of marketing experts, it’s been proven that search queries would make up around half of the entire search user requests by the end of this year. In the future, it’s likely to go up with the high demand in devices that are voice-activated. 

5.Video content

Video content is deemed to be huge this year. The main reason is that emerging techs, such as VR, or Virtual Reality and AR, or Augmented Reality are promoting content, which by nature is virtual. Furthermore, customers now look for face-to-face interactions for their concerns and questions. 

Business organizations, for instance, are now starting to integrate Video emails for enhancing the user engagement rate, rather than going forth with the traditional email marketing for app promotion. 

6. Instant mobile applications

In mobile app development today, this trend is gaining more ground. Do you wish to download an app on your smartphone, but would want to use it still? This is possible with mobile apps. There are times when you’re uncertain whether to download an app or otherwise. 

Instant mobile apps provide a taste of using the complete version of the app without you having to download it. Instant apps thus, are gaining huge popularity among the target audience. Furthermore, the apps come with other benefits, such as an impressive UX, smaller size, not eating up the memory and having web functionalities among others. 

7. Personalized Approach

It could not be denied that users are more drawn to a personalized experience, curated based on their preferences. Thus, why not make the most of it? Brands and enterprises should aim for marketing strategies that are in sync with the objective of the application and the target user base. 

Creating a long-term relationship with customers is possible with personal level interaction. 

8. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Developers can now easily come up with heavy websites that are feature-rich that load real fast, making certain of high-performance, together with lesser bounce rates. After Google has integrated the AMP listings to its mobile search results, developers could significantly lower the web pages loading time. 

A great AMPs core helps in the retention of users. Soon, Google would be introducing the mobile search box, for easier marking of mobile-friendly websites. 

Marketing and Functional Benefits of Mobile Applications for Business

1. Enhanced recognition creates customer loyalty

Creating customer loyalty is tricky for business marketing. By building a connection between consumers and the brand, marketing apps help smoothen the way through constant notifications and reminders. Reminders build awareness on the products and services on offer and propel customers to purchase.

2. Geo-targeting marketing and direct communication

Mobile apps are proven to be effective and fast in engaging the interest of customers as well as communicating the launching of products, promotions, new services, discounted rates and improved features.

Furthermore, direct communications bring valuable information, like geographical locations, shopping behavior, demographics with regards to the products and services, which help understand the demand in the market and better the marketing and sales strategies.

3. Websites build awareness and an app makes sales

It’s more likely that customers when inquiring about products or services would look it up using their smartphones or tablets, and not on laptops. A research revealed that most product and service searches occur while on-the-go.

Having a mobile app for your brand would entice customers to purchase from you, since mobile apps are much faster, easier to navigate and more interactive than websites. Mainly, websites help build awareness of a brand through social media, but mobile apps build brand recognition much wider.

Wrapping UP

The marketing trends that would make it big this year, or are already big could help organizations step up their marketing strategies and get an edge over the competition in their industry verticals. Market analysts have even suggested going for a mobile-first approach to the marketing plan is now a business necessity.

Working as a Business Development Executive at Mobile application development  Company – eTatvaSoft. Gray writes about emerging technologies and She has already written for many other blogs as well. Being a tech geek, she keeps a close watch over the industry focusing on the latest technology news and gadgets.

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