Most Promising Keyword Strategies in 2020

Most Promising Keyword Strategies in 2020

February 14, 2020

Internet is becoming crowded and every niche getting increasingly stuffed due to a rapid influx of new websites. Businesses are trying hard to get noticed. Most efforts in the marketing rooms nowadays are directed towards gaining visibility and be able to show their offerings to the audience who are actively looking for products in your niche.

It becomes essential to work out your buyer journey as that will clearly enumerate the priorities of your visitors at different stages of their online excursion. Being a marketer getting a piece of mind of your customers is highly essential as all your strategies can be crafted accordingly. One of the best courses of action is to embrace high impact keywords also known as the buyer keywords.

Let us help you take your marketing game higher.

A Closer Look at High Impact Keywords

Your keywords are your entry ticket to the mind of your target audience. Simplifying it further, you may also view them as temptations that you throw open towards your customer and lure them to click through it and pay a visit to your website much before they can think of another alternative. It is a live bait that really works for most businesses. Your prowess will now be measured by the way you are able to fathom the real intent behind the keywords your customers typed to search for a particular product.

You have to recognize the fact that not all the keywords are the same. People do not just log in to buy something. The objective can vary from gaining knowledge, or may even be looking for some solution. So, the keywords used for such searches are low on commercial intent. Hence, as a marketer, you should not be bothered much about these.

When we talk about the buyer keywords, we clearly mean the ones that are punched in with an underlying need to buy something. You may regard these as the most propitious signals sent by your prospect showing their willingness to make a purchase decision. A marketer who has the eye for such keywords is going to be best at his game.

What do these Keywords look like?

There is a specific pattern observed in these high-impact keywords. It makes good sense to know this pattern as it clearly tells that your prospect is very close to the purchase decision. The buyer keywords as they are more popularly known as often come in two broad categories:

Purchaser Category

This category typically shows that the prospective buyer is very close to the purchase decision and is just actively on the prowl for that ground-breaking deal that is too tempting to ignore. Such keywords come with search terms like buy now, sale, discount, offer, etc. The primary point of attention is the word -buy! This should a clear alert that the person is completely ready to spend.

Product Category

This category also ranks high on conversions although not that high as the buyer category. Most recurring keywords in these are names of brands, top, best, cheapest, etc.

 You may be wondering if that is all why is there so much buzz about the High Volume Keywords? Let us bring them into focus and see how they are pitted against the High Intent Keywords.

High Search Volume Keywords. What are they?

The whole fight is about visibility, the desire to be seen by the customers. This desire goes so intense that we have seen businesses pump in a lot of money to bag the top slots. This is not bad. Everyone does that. But, how would you feel if you were actually putting in all that money, gaining the visibility, you so badly wanted, but that did not convert into sales?

This may force you to ponder over what went wrong and where. Chances are that you will also consider reworking your whole marketing strategy. The purpose behind this is not to show that high search volume keywords are not good, but we believe it makes more sense to consider keywords that drive more sales. So, what should an ideal keyword strategy look like?

An Ideal Keyword Research Strategy?

An ideal strategy for keywords is a myth. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. It is possible that none of the buyer keywords are able to fit your purpose. You have to give it deep deliberations to understand the psyche of your customers and see what is it, that will compel your customers to click on your website link?

  • You have to move forward with a clear goal in mind. For instance, if you want to generate more leads instead of developing your current leads further, then you may roll-out keywords with the phrase Free Trial.
  • Ensure that you are well-versed with the keyword strategies of your competitors that may give you give you a dig at their successes and failures alike. Thus, if you have been missing on something big, that can be easily incorporated and anything that you have been doing for long but hasn’t worked for long can be suitably dropped.
  • Likewise, it is important to consider giving weightage to some low-competition, yet specialized keywords that can not only fortify your online presence but also bag you unmatched click-through rates.

Working on your keywords, helps you to gain the most precious visibility and also meet the ultimate aim of conversions. However, how you tailor the same in your marketing mix will depend on your priorities. SEO is not complicated but requires deep thought and time. Always remember, successful marketers, are never put down by your competitors but know how to leverage it to their advantage.

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