Number One Ranked Law Firm SEO Expert's Top 2 Strategies For DUI Attorneys

Number One Ranked Law Firm SEO Expert's Top 2 Strategies For DUI Attorneys

September 17, 2019

This should be your year of success. You need those DUI clients like no business. Its the year you should let your DUI law firm do the talking. But hey, average strategies will only give you average results. Remember, hard work pays. But working extremely hard is what separates those big timers in the market from others. So, don’t just aim too low. You will hit. Aim high and give your business a real uplift. Employ the right digital marketing strategy if you want to realize real results. For instance, rolling out an effective SEO strategy will give your business a real uplift.

So, if you are seriously looking for ways to beat the competition out there and become a top DUI attorney in town, think about employing the following proven strategies. Tested and proven by top DUI law firms, these tips will catapult your site top greatness.

Law Hubs

What are law hubs? In simple terms, law hubs represent a center dedicated for creating content as far as your practice area is concerned. So, take your game to content hubs. Create pages that will house informative content for your audience. Create content that explicitly answers client queries as far as DUI is concerned. Also, the content should solve client questions and educate them on all matters DUI. Remember, creating high-quality law hubs will help establish the authority of your [practice. Also, it will make you be viewed as a leader and lead to improved traffic to your site’s website.

Long Content

Create long content—preferably more than 1,000 words long. It will help rank your website higher on major search engines like Google. Of course, writing long content takes time. It’s worth the wait. The fruits are abundant. Remember, long content tends to exhaustively cover DUI topics—something clients are constantly looking for. Giving your clients enough information is only going to prompt them to contact you for DUI legal services.

Ensure that the pages include all the important information. It will give your clients valuable information—which will play a key role in establishing your authority on the market.

Core Practice Areas

Major search engines use advanced tools to scan through your site with an aim of understanding your firm’s main focus. That’ why ids important to include the core focus of your firm on the website’s main navigation. This will help your site rank higher.

So, don’t bury those important practice areas deep in the site as this will make Google think that those pages are less important.

Pro tip

Place your practice content in the front and center areas of the main navigation. It helps boost usability. It will help your clients to find the information they are looking for easily.

Avoid Keyword Overstuffing

While keyword phrases form an integral part of any SEO approach, keywords are quickly diminishing insignificance. Avoid using keywords that make your content sound forced or unnatural.

Always consider utilizing those keywords that fit naturally into your content. Otherwise, you’ll end up stuffing it into the text. Popular search engines like Google are becoming increasingly sophisticated and sophisticated and can now detect synonyms for all your search terms. Try as much as you can to weave unique keywords into your content in such a way that it’s contextually relevant as well as natural.

Include Keywords In Alt Tags, Meta Description, as well as Title Tags

Keyword phrases are often placed in the meta description, alt tags, and title tags. Remember, title/thumbnail tags are the most important tags on your site and should hold your keyword phrase at once. On the other hand, your meta description can be used as a means for clicking on your search listing.

Alt tags can give your SEO campaign a real boost. These text alternatives are often associated with the images available on your website. Screen-reader users can use the alt tag to understand the images that are appearing alongside your content. Plus, the alt tag provides the perfect opportunity for you to seamlessly incorporate your keywords, drawing the attention of more users.

Link Appropriately

To establish authority and boost the success of your firm’s SEO strategy, consider linking appropriately. Ensure that you incorporate internal links into relevant pages on your website. When done correctly, internal linking can pull multitudes towards your site, driving more traffic and conversions. In addition, adding high-quality outbound links to reputable outside sites can be helpful. Outbound linking to other credible websites can assist you to establish authority and potentially earn yourself a quality backlink.

Monitor Your Progress

Once you’ve implemented the right law firm SEO strategies, it’s important to continue monitoring how the campaign is holding up. Do this with the help of an advanced web ranking software, which will provide a deeper insight into what’s working best and help you identify the things that may need to be changed.

Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are some of the most reliable search rankings tracking software. However, you could also track manually using Google AdWords Preview Tool and get to see various listings in different cities.

Social Media

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that has witnessed dramatic growth over the past few years. And this expansion isn’t something you really want to overlook since the site can reach prospective clients on a new level.

Utilizing hashtags that are aligned with your SEO marketing strategy can help customers find you more easily. For instance, posting real-life photographs can strengthen your team, making them more approachable and encourage more people to connect with you online. It may include posting images of your company participating in charity events plus team bonding activities. Photos actually tend to get more clicks as well as likes.

The Bottom-line
Is the completion in the legal field scaring you? Is it dwindling the opportunity of your firm to secure clients? Well, you don’t have to lire low anymore. You can beat the competition out there. Use the above guidelines and tips to pitch your DUI service offering like a pro.

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