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3 Ways to Promote your Blog on Social Media

Writing may be your passion and you may write really well. Not only that you are also highly committed and never miss a date with your blog. How good is that if you are the only one reading it?

It is all business. You produce to sell. And, if what you produce does not have any takers, then no matter how good it is, ultimately it will not be sustainable. You have to have some buyers. In blogs, your audience is your real buyers.

So, technically if you do have any visitors on your blog, then it is serious and it is the time that you start the promotion of the same. The point that we are trying to make is that if you do not promote then you will waste a lot of time. Basically, there is no point in trying to make a point that no one will ever read or understand.

Don’t you feel, that it is so important to know to not let this happen to your blogs? Let us then figure out how to promote your blog posts, so that everyone gets to know them.

So why wait?

Also, you do need to understand that this is the age of social media. Nothing is possible without networking and connecting with people. So, the first task is to build relationships and work on them. Just remember, your connections will always make your promotion way easier. The trick is to build your relationships before you will need them. Do not pitch directly as most internet users are done being pitched to, too often as nearly 65% of the bloggers are often pitched many times in a week.

So, instead of just breaking into their space, it is better to visit their social media pages and then naturally engage with them. This is the first step to promote your blog on Facebook or other social media channels. Building relationships much ahead of time will help you win genuine promotions. Directly asking people to comment at the end of your blog will actually invite more comments.

Coming directly to the point,

Let us now address how to promote your blogs by social media marketing

  • Promote if you want to get Promoted: This actually works. If you are serious to promote your blog on Instagram or on Facebook, etc. the best foot forward is to think in reverse. If you are generous enough to share someone’s blog post then understand the fact that they might end up returning the favor. Hence when you aggressively promote other bloggers on different social media, there are high chances that your blog posts are also promoted. This does boost your reach and penetration in the target market.
  • Play with Hashtags: You should regard hashtags as your best men forward, as your mini promoters who will always be working on your behalf. For instance, if you producing great content that will really work wonders for your users, but somehow despite all the effort, you are just not able to get to the right people. Then, it is time you just enter the hashtags. Some bloggers use this extensively to promote their blog on Twitter. Each tweet is hyper-targeted to get to the right people who are hungry for the kind of content you produce. The strategy has gained popularity on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Follow Real Social Icons: The best thing that you can learn from these social media icons is the way they manage and engage their followers. The best ones are not those on how to have a huge following but the ones who are also able to engage with them. It is the individual engagement that will get you maximum retweets and likes in addition to the real audience who looks forward to connecting with you. So, when it comes to promote your blog via social media marketing, the word spreads like wildfire. It might not always be interested in what you write, but genuinely interested in you and your world. It is simply because you cared to engage with them like human beings.
  • Images: Yes! needless to say, that a picture is worth a thousand words and that is even more interesting if the picture is in sync with your blog post. Relevance is the key along with picture quality. Another point to note is that you should be able to view the pictures across different social channels.
  • Consistency: Just think of a blog you really loved and decided to follow all the updates. For about a day or two, you found amazing content, and then on the third day, …just nothing showed up. The next day again you checked and the same. Now chances are that you will not return to the blog unless it was something really amazing and unique about it. If you do, and you find a new blog you will be happy. However, this loyalty and interest will soon fade if there is no consistency in the blog. Remember, to post consistently and that too at a particular time.

All these will work only if you produce awesome content that has something unique about it. A conversational tone is picking pace these days but do not forget to strike a balance. The ground rule is to promote your blog to increase traffic is to stick to the basics. Be honest, and genuine. People get drawn to honest promotions. Stay put. Success will come.

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