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Traditional Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

Traditional and social media marketing share two common goals. One, to entice customers, and two, to boost brand awareness in the market. Traditional marketing commonly involves advertising through radio, TV, newspaper and magazines. Social media marketing on the other hand is an online marketing method that focuses on gaining traffic through social media channels, also a link building service can help with this.

Traditional Marketing vs Social Media Marketing :


Social Media Marketing is an economical and faster way to promote your service/brand as compared to the more expensive and time-consuming process of traditional marketing. Social media requires you to set up accounts on various platforms like Instagram, Facebook or  LinkedIn, whereas traditional marketing would involve approaching a publishing house with your advertisement/marketing message.


Social Media Marketing is measurable. You can find out exactly how many times your marketing messages are clicked, which web pages are visited, how many impressions you made or how many times your post was shared. On the other hand, it’s not easy to know how many people heard your radio spots or read your newspaper ad.


Often, there can be mistakes when crafting marketing communication or messages. Advertisements published in newspaper are difficult to edit and cannot be changes once published. Social media, however, allows users to make changes and edit instantly, in case of any revisions needed. 


Traditional marketing is one-way i.e. brand to customer, which is not engaging. But social media marketing is multi-ways – brand to customer, customer to brand, customer to customer. It is highly engaging and promotes word of mouth. You get immediate feedback on social media. Social media is the only marketing platform that allows you to engage and interact with your consumers. This often happens through comments, conversations on threads, shares and promotions! You can build a powerful community online, something that is not possible in traditional marketing. 


You can target prospects on social media using built-in advertising tools with specific targeting features including location, interests, age and many more parameters related to your business category. With a newspaper or television campaign, it’s difficult to target people who are actually interested in your business. In this sense, the advantages of social media marketing are greater than that or traditional marketing.

Social media marketing can reap huge benefits in the long run because of its numerous benefits. It is important that you keep all your activity on social media in line with the bigger goal of your brand, company or organization. Make sure you use the in-built tools provided within each social media platform to tweak your content strategy to reflect what works and what is appreciated by your audience.


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