Power of Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses!

Power of Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses!

May 9, 2018

For the last 100 years, traditional media such as radio and newspaper was used by marketers as a medium to reach consumers.  They still are considered one of the best marketing strategies to indulge in. However, things have seemed to change a bit. With the rise of digital marketing, more and more businesses are drifting towards online platforms, altering the way business market their product and services. This is followed by choosing the right platform which matters the most!

Instagram, a platform that started as a social networking service to share photo and videos with family and friends, has emerged as the most powerful platform for marketing and brand building today. Some are still not aware of how to use Instagram for marketing a business, although the extent to which it has transformed the present marketing techniques is remarkable!

Especially for small business, Instagram Marketing is the best online tool for connecting with a new audience at large! The importance of Instagram marketing only seems to grow and some of the reasons include:

Expand reach

With daily users up to 500 million as of 2017, Instagram provides a great opportunity for small businesses that is focusing on reaching out to new audiences. As always the nature and quality of content is the king here. It also determines the engagement and traffic to your page.

Also, making use of relevant hashtags is important to help people discover new content easily. When you incorporate hashtags, a link is automatically generated, making your content discoverable to those searching for that hashtag.

Instagram stories are another way through which you can connect with people.

Brand awareness

Want to announce the launch of your new product? What better way than Instagram to build anticipation and gain an online presence. It provides you with customer details such as age and demographics which helps formulate plans and strategies accordingly. Thus, makes it easy to target the right audience while promoting the brand.

In addition to that, uniqueness plays a key role that will determine the value of your brand and give an upper edge over others.

Grab user’s attention

Visuals appeal more to a user than any written content which answers the most frequently asked question that why should you use Instagram for business? As a visually-driven platform, the pictures shared are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Whether it is the perfectly captured image of a beach sunset or of food that makes you salivate, all grabs the attention of users more. If your newsfeed has pictures that are clear, well arranged and conveys the right information, then it will further boost customer retention.

Easy advertising

One of the greatest things that happened after Instagram stepped into the digital world was advertising. The low costing ads ushered a new form of advertising which is gradually turning out to be one of the best practices for business on Instagram to reach potential customers. Instagram keeps adding new features all the time that helps business to advertise effectively.

We hope this blog has given you a better understanding of the importance of Instagram marketing and how to use Instagram for marketing a business. If we missed out on any points, let us know in the comments below.

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