Powerful Content Writing Tips!

Powerful Content Writing Tips!

January 18, 2018

The old phrase “content is the king” stands true today and will always be valid as far as marketing is concerned. However, writing great content isn't easy and it is definitely not everybody's' cup of tea. Still, we’re here to help you out on how to write great content for your business!

If you pay attention to the astronomical amount of content that is created and published on the Internet on a daily basis, you will see that content is shared by millions of people. The main use of the content is to send across or convey a message to a generic or specific audience. For example, articles or webinars that address digital marketing have a specific audience. On the other hand, cat videos can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. However, creating great content, as easy as it may seem, is a challenging task. Marketers often find themselves asking questions like “how to write a good content for your website” or “how to write engaging content”. Some might give up on the idea of creating good quality content. But most of them find answers on the Internet, just like you!

Here’s are some tips on how to write powerful content:

Find your purpose of writing

Before jumping off to write anything, you must understand and realize the motive or purpose behind your desire to write. Are you writing because you love writing? Are you writing because it pays you well? Or are you writing because you love giving out useful information? You could have many reasons for creating content, but what’s important is that you realize your motive!

Once you do identify your purpose behind writing content, you’re bound to create good quality content. Why? Because you are writing to achieve something you want and that makes all the difference! So if you’re determined to make the world aware of water poverty, or if you believe you’re an SEO expert willing to share tips, find your purpose and leverage it to create good content.

Powerful headlines

Let’s get this straight: headlines can make or break the success of your content! Headlines are the very first thing that your users see when they come across your content. It is what makes the user curious, interested or provoked enough to click on your article or blog. Therefore, without a doubt, your headline needs to be extremely powerful.

Some tips for powerful heading are adding elements of curiosity, scarcity, secrecy or urgency. How often have you clicked on an article that said: “You NEED to see this NOW!”? Our guess is, at least once in your life. Although such headlines are effective, you must try keeping your headlines relevant. For example, “Top 9 Marketing Tools for Small Businesses” is a relevant headline that also evokes curiosity. 

Ask questions

Asking questions through your content is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Asking them for their feedback or opinions not only makes them feel important but also gives you a good insight into how they think and feel. By asking your audience certain questions, you could also get an insight into the kind of content they enjoy consuming. This will give you a heads up on what to write on next!

Element of comparison

Displaying a comparison in your writing is a great way to explain the difference in the elements you are discussing. For example, at the beginning of this article we compared digital marketing articles with cat videos. Cat videos and digital marketing articles are extremely different, and therefore are good examples when showing comparison. To convey the uniqueness or similarity in the topic of discussion, comparison can be a good way to make sure your readers understand. It also makes your content interesting!

Tell a story

Storytelling has always been a great way of communicating. Brands, businesses, celebrities, and individuals have found tremendous success in story-telling. Everybody loves to hear a good story! Everyone has stories to tell, but what matters is if your story is truly interesting or inspirational.

Human psychology shows how much humans love listening to stories! That’s why sharing information on social media in the format of a story does the magic! Influencers and celebrities are often seen narrating stories, even if their end goal is to promote a product or service. So, to create interesting content, try telling a story to your audience!

Use metaphors and phrases

Using metaphors and phrases within your content makes it easier for your readers to understand where you’re coming from. Metaphors and phrases successfully convey the details of a situation or the topic of discussion when ordinary words fail. Similarly, using phrases and idioms will make your content more effective.

Share numbers and figures

Adding statistics and figures from recent and relevant researches have a positive effect on the success of your content. Content that quotes facts and figures is more trusted that content that does not. Adding figures not only makes your content more easily trusted, but also builds the credibility to a huge extent. If you take a close look at business blogs, you will notice that they tend to enlighten their readers with facts and figures. While creating content for a website you can add facts and statistics more often.

Personalized content

Write like you’re talking to your audience or reader. Try to maintain a tone that is more reader-centric. A reader-centric tone is effective as readers are able to perceive the message in a clearer way. Add a human touch to your content and make it as personalized as you can!

Wise selection of words

As a content writer, you should always have a list of powerful words that you should include in your content. The internet is full of articles on words and phrases that are extremely powerful and effective. The mantra for getting the reader’s attention at once is mastering the choicest selection of words. This is important if you want your content to leave an impression on your readers and want them to want more! Using powerful words like discover, learn, ultimate, secret, etc. can make a huge difference to the way your content is perceived by your readers!

Another important tip before you publish your content is to check for plagiarized content. The last thing you want is to publish content that resembles somebody elses content or is a blatant copy! Google has sever penalization for plagiarism and that's one thing you should be clear of. You can use this online plagiarism checker to make sure your content is original and unique!

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