Remarketing on Google: What is it?

Remarketing on Google: What is it?

September 3, 2019

It is a common occurrence that a majority of the people who visit a particular website bounce back in seconds. In fact, statistics have shown that only less than a percent of people who visit your website actually result in making a transaction. If you think it is hard to get people to your website for the first time, it is harder the next time as they already know what they will be served with largely. But the best part of the story is that it is not impossible and there are ways to get back your lost traffic.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing efforts are largely aimed at showing ads to all those people who did visit your website or even your mobile app but did not convert in sales. In other words, it is retargeting by means of ads to which this particular audience might get drawn to. In addition, it also helps in creating a general awareness of your brand. So, broadly stating, the ultimate goal of your remarketing strategies and efforts can be split across three verticals:

  • Strategies to reach audience who visited your website but did not take any kind of action. This is done by a generation of leads from all the ones who did not make any choice on your landing page.
  • Strategies to reach the audience who did reach a particular page while they opted for purchase but for some reason did not complete the process. These are the ones who abandon their carts.
  • Strategies to reach that audience who did not open a particular page which you wanted them to open.

Looking at the above, it is amply clear that you should have a clear aim in place before embarking on any remarketing strategy as the results and targeting in each case will be different. Having said that, what's next? There are some more considerations which will go behind to formulate a perfect remarketing strategy.

There has to be clarity in thought and understanding the needs of the audience in order to reach them. The Latter will help you design typically customized pages in line with the needs of your audience. Another vital point is to decide which network should be used to reach your audience.

Remarketing works on simple principle. When a user opens your website, and happens to accept cookie policy, an unnamed cookie is dropped in their browser. Now this cookie is way different from the one that you are acquainted with. Here the cookie is basically a small file which has information stored in various bits. It is helpful in site tracking without storing any kind of sensitive and personal information about the user. So, when this user pays a visit to your website and instantly leaves it to browse other websites, an intimation is sent to the ad platform.

It has been found that when people are retargeted, the chances of their conversion increases by 70 percent. So why did they not convert in the first go? There can be many reasons around this. For example, the person may want to explore other options or maybe is not satisfied with the solution or was simply busy at that momentThe reasons for the client could be many but the repercussions are the same for your website which is a no conversion. When a remarketing campaign is launched, it acts as a subtle reminder for the person that you have the right solution and value them as visitors and would love to see them again. In a research conducted by WordStream showed that remarketing is highly effective i.e. more the number of times a person sees an ad, higher is the conversion rate.

Types of Remarketing

Remarketing can come in different forms.

  • Social Media Remarketing: Ads are displayed to the users via their social media profiles while they are browsing. This has proven its excellence in terms of effectiveness.
  • Video Remarketing: Ads are shown in between or before other videos are being played in YouTube or other platforms.
  • Search Remarketing: Again a potent tool as the research is shown above the results of your search.
  • Dynamic Remarketing: It is a general method where the remarketing ads are shown while browsing internet within the Google display ad network.

Google Remarketing has helped many businesses win their visitors back for a reconsideration of their purchase decision. Constantly when your ad is shown to the user on different platforms, it becomes hard to ignore for long especially if one had an interest and had expressed it as well. Website remarketing has proven itself to be a smart and timely investment which if done well can win you loyal customers who will stay.

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