Rules to Use Social Media Logos on Web

Rules to Use Social Media Logos on Web

December 27, 2019

If one were to observe a little, you would notice that no website on the web is devoid of a Social Media logo. Most of the websites use these logos to guide the traffic to their social media profile pages. While designing your website it is important to check from where you are getting those social media logos. Most of the people search from Google images, however, the Google images may show different types of logos. The big question is, which one to use? We must know that it is important to follow the guidelines provided by the social networking sites, while using their logos. And we must use the logos provided on their brand guideline pages.

How to search for brand guidelines of a social media site:

Every Social Networking site has its own well-defined brand guidelines and it is easy to find those guidelines on web. On Google you can type the name of the social networking site and the two keywords “Brand” “Guidelines”, to find its guidelines, e.g to search for brand guidelines provided by Twitter, you can search the term Twitter brand guidelines on Google.

Rules to use Twitter logo:

  • Always use the latest version of the Twitter bird.
  • Twitter bird can never be shown in black or in any other color except for blue or white.
  • Twitter bird should always be facing towards right.
  • You cannot animate the bird or add special effects to it.
  • You cannot add speech bubbles or any words around the Twitter bird.
  • You cannot flock the Twitter bird with other birds or creatures

Rules to use Facebook logo:

  • You cannot use the ‘f’ Facebook logo alone. You are required to include either of the two “call to actions” along with it, either “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Facebook”. You can also use the ‘f’ logo along with other social media icons, when used side-by-side.
  • Facebook logo must have space around it.
  • Design and color of Facebook logo cannot be changed. You can use black and white logo only if you are facing any technical limitations.
  • Use the logo version that comes with a blue box on white or light colored backgrounds.

Rules to use Pinterest logo:

  • Use the Pinterest logo and badge mark in a readable size.
  • Do not rotate the pinterest logo & badge mark; keep them straight and don’t add extraneous effects.
  • Use the red logo on light backgrounds.
  • Use white logo on dark backgrounds.

For further details on these three popular logos you can refer to the following URLs:,2,3

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