Signs Your Digital Marketing Is Unsuccessful

Signs Your Digital Marketing Is Unsuccessful

Eula Skiles
April 11, 2022

We are moving ever forward in the digital frontier and marketing is increasingly an online focussed area.  However, there may be some signs you are ignoring that your digital marketing strategy is not working.

Poor Online Experience

When you have online ads then you are likely to have a website you are linking to. However, this website could be the reason you aren’t attracting customers. Your site needs to be easy to use and have everything a customer might need. Take a few minutes to test out your site experience and check all the information is up to date. Build in some analytics software, if you can, to see how real customers interact with your site and identify potential weak points.

If your site experience isn’t great hire professionals to make sure your site is built to be attractive to customers but is also secure and meets all data protection laws. If you have an existing web team in your company, then you will be able to provide a project that could excite them and will have a team on hand to provide regular site maintenance. It’s worth taking some time and budget to get user testing and to invest in user experience design to ensure the site is easy for customers to use.

Spam Traffic

There are two types of spam traffic you might find on your site. The first is people who come to your site but don’t interact at all. The second is the ones you buy and the sharks that follow.

If you have analytics already you may have found that loads of people, come to your site but most of them are not becoming customers. This could be because you’re not attracting your target audience. This might be because you have engaging content but it’s resonating with the wrong audience or a case of not understanding what your target market is. Take some time to analyse your advertising and other online marketing campaigns. If you are struggling work with a professional to create properly targeted advertising.

The other type of spam traffic comes from the incorrect assumption that if you buy interactions on your site then you will attract more customers who think you’re bigger than you are. This is wrong ethically as you are essentially lying to your potential customers and is also wrong in the results it tends to draw. You might get noticed by the algorithms, but you start attracting spammers who want to use you to profit without creating value for you. Most likely you’ll just attract the trolls but at the worst case you might find your site being scoped out by those with more malicious intentions. It’s best to avoid buying interactions as overall it doesn’t really pay off in the end.

People Aren’t Clicking Your Ads

You can pay for all the advertising you want but if people aren’t clicking your adverts and you’re not seeing an increase in traffic or customers when you launch a campaign you might just be throwing your money away.  This goes back to checking your target audience a bit but is more a general case that your advertising is missing the mark in some way.  So many adverts now have taken an artsy feel which may work for some products, for example perfume, but don’t give enough information for other products and services.

Your Base is Decreasing

No matter what your existing customers are important and are likely the people who will have stuck with you through thick and thin. When this starts to decrease, and you lose the loyal customers, you know something is wrong. This might be a case of when you have major marketing campaigns online for new customers that leave your current base feeling underappreciated. Take some time to show your existing customers appreciation to make sure that they don’t feel left out.

Overall, the signs your digital marketing isn’t working comes down to knowing who your target audience is, making sure your existing customers feel valued, creating good quality advertising to bring in new customers and make sure your website is user friendly. Basically, even when you are online the customer should be first and foremost in your mind when creating any digital marketing.

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Eula Skiles is a writer at, she is passionate about helping people and sharing her expertise on digital marketing strategies and entrepreneurship worldwide.

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