Smart Time Management Techniques You Should be Using

Smart Time Management Techniques You Should be Using

November 25, 2019

Each one of us has only 24 hours in a day. Nobody can deny that. So, think of it as your playground, as your space or your currency. It is all you have, in a day and this cannot stretch. Now, the best part of the whole show is that it is the same for everyone. But the real fight is that you have cut it different from the rest.

There comes in the need to manage that currency. This has to be done in a way that you feel a difference. Think of investments you make. Will you ever invest in something that is failing or showing no progress? Like buying a car or a house or any financial asset…apart from many other considerations involved, each is done with the basic aim of making a raise in your living standards.

Likewise, every second of your day that you invest should be directed at fetching you better output and productivity. If you are trying to say that you are highly active and are always on the go, and yet the output is not proportional to the time you invest daily, think!

What are you active at? Is the movement you make actually needed? Is it adding anything anywhere to your work cycle?

If you answer to any of these in the negative, then it is merely movement and not progress. Movement is not progress, it is not work. It is just movement. Period.

So how do you effectively turn that movement, that daily hustle into something known as work?

Here are some ground rules that will make things simple for you:

Understand one thing, that you may come across many time management techniques and tips, or many people who will come loaded with advice, but nothing will work unless you do. It is ultimately you and it has to come from within.

Best Time Management Techniques

Everything you do will be done effectively only when you do it with purpose and proper conviction. There is nothing known as half-baked cake, so there is no place for half-willed in this world.

  • Define Objectives of Time Management: Keep things simple. Do not complicate anything by getting caught in the rhetoric. The basic objective out of all the ones that flood the internet is to be more productive and have enhanced output. To make the most of what you have so you are able to stay ahead of the competition. There can be no other objective. Yes, there can be goals that will help you reach your objective. Goals have to be short-term and well-defined. They should be measurable and workable. There is no room for any complacency. So, get the first things right and have clear objectives in your mind.
  • Planning Ahead: Sounds simple? It is even simpler in implementation. The only rule is that you have to stay put and should not falter. Remember, one miss will land you in drag. And most often such lags usually walk along with you and keep staring at your face till they are addressed. Now, if you take the time to address them, another one will be all set to surprise you. So, plan ahead of your schedule. Be one step ahead of what is expected and what is given. What is planning? It can be simply having a to-do list or setting priorities for different works.
  • Prioritize: Everything that is at your desk commands attention. Now, you cannot do everything together. You have to mark things as per their priority. Some things are important and need urgent attention while others can wait. Work that out. Even if you have to multi-task the clubbing of tasks will make a lot of difference. You cannot just club a few things together, for instance, you can definitely make an important call while you are driving but not check your analytics and also take up a client meeting. The point is that you need to reflect and see what comes first and from the ones that have taken the top slots, what all can be done together. You may also think of slotting your work like important and urgent, important but not urgent, not important but urgent and finally neither critical nor urgent. Do it once and see how things fall in place.
  • Eliminate Interruptions: We all have that inner urge to look up to a new message that has popped in or see what’s the latest gossip being floated by your core group on social media. We all feel that way and it is normal. But what is not normal is to do it while you are working. These are simply distractions that cannot be ruled out. Keep your distractions at bay. Focus is the key. Yes, it is definitely important to check on the latest emails and conversations with other employees. But, ultimately whatever is keeping you from working, is a distraction.

Smart time management comes with the practice of doing daily stuff with concentration and turning your dreams into workable goals. Goals are most effective when they are defined on a daily basis. Work has to be done and it doesn’t happen. What happens is just movement. Keep unwanted action, distractions at bay. Organize and prioritize your tasks. Even multitasking has to be done with care. Quality is never compensated by quantity. Time is money, and learn to invest it well. Hopefully, you have realized how about going this now. Good Luck and good vibes.

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