Social Media Marketing Myths Busted-Part 2

Social Media Marketing Myths Busted-Part 2

August 13, 2018

As discussed in the previous blog, failure of a business is determined by various factors. Yet, majority of the times the failure can be credited to unawareness of social media. Hence it is important to be aware of social media marketing myths.

Here are some more social media myths and facts:

The number of times you post

Myth- Excessive number of business posts helps in business growth

Truth - Posting more than required number of times may annoy the users. Instead post depending on the shelf life of a post on social media channel.

The number of times you post on social media channels also varies from platform to platform. Also, the shelf life of a post on various social media channels is different. For example, the shelf life of a post on Twitter is very less when compared to Facebook. Therefore, on Twitter you can post several times during a day. As the shelf life of a post on Facebook or LinkedIn is more, it is better to post once a day.

While it is true that more social media posts will increase the online visibility of your business, however, do remember that users are least interested in business advertisements. Excessive posts can turn off your users.  

Use maximum hashtags

Myth- Using maximum hashtags on a social media post increases the online visibility

Truth - Using relevant hashtags that align with the content of your social media post is what boosts the online visibility.

This is one of the common myth about social media marketing, where we think that more hashtags we use for our posts, the more visibility we gain. But overusing hashtags can have a negative impact on your post. Your social media post can easily get lost among the swamp of posts that are uploaded every single second. This can make your social media post be seen for hashtags that are irrelevant to the content of your post.

Also keep in mind when you add hashtags, make sure to add relevant hashtags that align with the nature of your post. Instead use limited but relevant hashtags that aligns with the nature of your post.

Talk in a corporate tone

Myth – A corporate tone is preferred when talking about your business or services

Truth – A corporate tone can make you sound intimidating or artificial

It is important to maintain the tone in which you talk with your audience. However, keeping the tone too formal can make your business as fake and artificial.

Thus, it is essential that you maintain a balance in the tone in which you speak. It is necessary that you maintain a tone that reflects the human side of your brand or business.

Social media is enough

Myth- Social media marketing alone is sufficient for your business to grow

Truth - Social media marketing campaigns result in success if they are integrated with other marketing strategies

Businesses often feel that carrying out activities on social media is enough.However, social media is solely a medium for broadcasting information about your business. If you think social media marketing alone will make your business succeed, then you are highly mistaken. It can never be sufficient all by itself. However social media marketing can lead to a business’s success when integrated with other marketing strategies.

As a business owner, if you completely rely on social media for leads then it is a blunder that you are committing.

There is a reason why it is called social media. Online users are curious about posts they can benefit from, instead of some business promotions. Hence if you are going to use social media for business promotions only, you won't succeed for long.

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