The Data Democratization Shaking Up Music Biz

The Data Democratization Shaking Up Music Biz

Emre Sahin
April 2, 2024

The Data Democratization Shaking Up Music Biz

In the dynamic world of the music industry, the role of precise data has become indispensable. Once a luxury for the elite few, high-caliber music analytics are now accessible to all, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Viberate. They are transforming the landscape by offering comprehensive music analytics at an affordable monthly rate of $19.90, a significant move for industry professionals.

The value of having in-depth data in the music industry is immeasurable. It marks a paradigm shift for those working in the music business, aiding in quicker and more informed decision-making across various functions, including talent scouting, artist roster management, report generation, and analysis of music releases and tours. While big record labels have always utilized these statistics, the cost factor was a deterrent for many. Viberate is changing the narrative, making advanced music analytics available to every music industry professional. Recently, they lowered their professional music analytics suite's price from $129 to a mere $19.90 per month, encompassing a wide array of features such as extensive Spotify stats and other specific channel analytics.

Viberate: Comprehensive Analytics Across Music and Social Media

Viberate operates with a holistic approach: "Our goal is to comprehensively map and analyze the entire music industry ecosystem – encompassing artists, tracks, festivals, playlists, and labels.” They convert streaming and social media data into actionable intelligence, facilitating professionals in discovering new talents, managing artists, planning marketing campaigns, and creating detailed reports. Their platform monitors over a million artists, consolidating stats for Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Shazam, SoundCloud, and various social channels like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Deep Dive into Spotify Stats for Every Artist

Viberate specializes in providing exhaustive Spotify artist statistics. Their platform enables tracking of Spotify's monthly listeners, followers, and streams, offering both historical and present-time data. It sheds light on an artist's top tracks and allows for a comprehensive analysis of their Spotify catalog. The platform also keeps tabs on each artist's playlist appearances, letting users track playlisting trends and identify the most impactful songs and playlists.

Analyzing Over 12M+ Spotify Playlists with Precision

Viberate’s playlist analyzer is a crucial tool for obtaining detailed stats for Spotify, analyzing over 12 million Spotify playlists. Users can sort these playlists by follower count, growth metrics, and track numbers. This feature is invaluable for finding genre-aligned playlists that could increase an artist’s listener base. Users can also filter playlists by type, such as user-generated or editorial, which is essential for targeted music promotions.

Customizable Data Solutions for Industry Professionals

Viberate focuses on personalized service: “We’re committed to delivering high-quality, visually appealing insights. Our platform caters to the specific data needs of different industry roles like A&Rs, label managers, and agents, ensuring high adaptability.” Besides their standard subscription plan, they offer tailored services including custom dashboards, database matching, and API access.

To sum up, Viberate is redefining the music industry with its accessible, comprehensive analytics platform. Equipped with detailed Spotify statistics and a broad spectrum of channel-specific analytics, all tailored to individual professional needs, it stands as an essential tool for those in the industry looking to make data-driven decisions.

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