The Impact of Typography on Graphic Design

The Impact of Typography on Graphic Design

March 26, 2020

Typography make our designs more professional and attractive. It is a style in which they are arranged strategically in regards to the color, images, fonts, etc. Typography is not only to make a text look attractive but also it does the marketing of the content.

Typography consist of four elements including typeface, font, leading, and kerning. Typography helps in increasing the effectiveness of a brand and eradicates a bad use experience. Typography also expresses the content by using the fondant and the styles.

It is a way to express the content to the reader and increase their interests in reading it even further. Typography has a lot of benefits and importance which will be explained in the headings below.

Why Is Typography Needed?

Typography is needed for three reasons which will be explained in detail next. First of all, it does the job of representing the brand. It does so with a lot of style that is used to attract and fit the brand and voice its content.

Typography helps maintain the brand identity and makes its message clear across the community. Representing the brand is extremely important for it to maintain a place in market, and thus it needs reliable factors to help represent it.

Another important job that Typography does is to communicate the message of the brand. The fonts that are used in Typography are extremely important and so much more than just an element to help the readers understand.

The kind of fonts that are used, helps in attracting the audience towards the content and encourages him to read it. The kind of words that are used in the content also matters a lot in getting the customers attraction.

The color of the fonts also plays an important role in getting the attention of the audience. So the kind of message that Typography communicates to the people is extremely important and helps in branding a lot.

On the other hand, messing up with typography or not handling it properly can end up making huge losses for the brand since it is the reason people will be attracted to your brand in the first place. All the fonts, sizes, colors, and backgrounds should be chosen carefully that goes well with the concept of the brand.

Everything should be well in coordination with each other so that the final piece can end up being appealing to the audience. Last but not least, Typography helps in making the brand visually appealing. It means that it attracts the audience and makes a content interesting enough for people to actually stop and read it. It brings a lot of inspiration to the viewer and it works out well for the brand at the end.

Benefits of Typography:

There are a lot of benefits of typography and they are mentioned in detail below:

  • Typography plays in important role in speaking to the view were regarding a graphic designs. It helps if you words recognize but your brand is all about and what kind of message that it is conveying. A good typography gives a view were the feeling of actually having a proper communication with the brand. It provides a great influence on the audience as well. A good typography, apart from communicating with the viewers a good impression of the brand, evokes creativity. Overall, it leaves pretty good impression of your brand in the minds of people.
  • A lot of times, we see that most brands make the visuals very bold and confusing. Typography helps the audience restrain the visual fatigue. It allows the audience to easily grasp the entire concept of your brain and to be easily able to comprehend it. Every single thing that is included in the typography, including the font length, font size, displays, and the color should be extremely appropriate and be completely or according to the brand. That way, the readers can get the message of the brand. In order to keep the viewers engaged in your content, make sure to improve the typography.
  • Typography also provides virtual clarity to the readers and viewers who visit your website. It helps in communicating the brand of the viewers. And if the first impression goes well, it creates a relationship of trust based on credibility. Providing clarity to the brand message is very important for your brain to succeed, and making typography successful is a way to do that. It helps make your brand the edible for the viewers and that can end up being beneficial for your brand and increase profits.

Usage of Gotham Fonts in Typography:

Another example of typography is the usage of the Gotham font free, which is so far one of the most famous fonts in the world. It was first designed by Tobias Frere-Jones for the Hoefler & Co. The Gotham font contains four widths, eight widths, and various different designs for various places.

It was developed for professional use, and has been used in a lot of notable places, including Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, Michigan State University branding, and the 2016 federal election campaign of the Australian Labor Party.

It has been used a lot to preserve the New York’s old designs that were feared to be lost in the arrival of new fonts and designs. This font has been described as fresh, crisp, masculine, and formal.

Using such a typography in professional graphics have been very notable and appreciated by the viewers. Many variations have been said to be made in this font, however, its signature design still remains popular in the professional world.

Final Words:

Typography plays an important role in marketing and advertising of any brand. Every single thing that comes into typography has been taken into account for making the branding successful.

There is an ample need of typography in the world of graphics and marketing, and dealing with it properly can result to be very beneficial for the brand.

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