The Power of Branding

The Power of Branding

October 23, 2018

Do you own a business? Does your business have a strong brand?

What is a strong brand? A strong brand is one that is able to convey everything about its business, its values, mission and vision. It is more than having just a brand logo and a brand tagline. Check out our blog on why your brand needs more than just a logo.

Some characteristics common to all the strong brands are:

  • Their marketing is based on the emotions that are critical to their audience
  • They highlight the benefits of their products or service to the users very clearly etc.

While we are at it, we should also tell you that brands don’t change with time, they evolve. A classic example of this is Google. Take a minute to search for how Google evolved from the time of its origin until the present day scenario. This shows as long as you have a strong brand, minor alterations in your branding strategy is acceptable.

That is the power of branding is when you are able to take your brand to a level that anyone can easily identify it. That’s when your marketing and advertising campaigns have succeeded. This is one of the benefits of a strong brand.

In spite of the benefits of branding, you’ll come across businesses that don’t have a brand. This is one of the reasons why their brands don’t succeed. Here are the possible reasons why your brand is not working for you.

Without having a brand, your business cannot succeed for long, it is now that you should consider having a brand for your organization. These branding tips for small businesses will help you.

Here are the benefits of branding

Makes your business stand out

A business that has a brand is always better than a business having no brand.

Unlike a strong brand, you will not be able to recall a brand that is not a popular name in the market. Therefore, a strong brand has a unique identity in the market which makes it easy for the users to recognize it.

Resonating with the audience

Brand elements like your brand logo, colour palette, letterhead etc play an important role in branding. Make sure the elements that you chose are aligned with the likes of your audience. The idea behind using the elements carefully is to position your brand in the minds of the audience. This helps your audience create a visual for your brand which further helps in brand recognition.

Reflects brand values

Every business is built on the core values and principles that the brand started out with. This is why when a brand is being built, it is ideal to recall the brand values, the brand mission and the brand vision.

Doing this helps you define a lot of things from your brand. From the look and feel to voice, tone and imagery, your brand values will define a lot for your brand. In short, aligning everything with your brand values helps create an overall image of your brand.

Reflects brand personality

A brand is the reflection of your business in the online world. It is the reflection of the personality of your business or organization.

Therefore, your brand and branding strategies are your way of telling your audience about your business, how it works and what it offers. This helps in positioning your brand in the minds of your audience.

As we wrap up this blog, we wouldn’t be wrong in saying that a business succeeds because of a strong brand. So, if your business does not have a brand yet, you may start working on one now! This easily accessible brand strategy guide will help you create one.

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