The Power of Infographics!

The Power of Infographics!

December 11, 2017

Infographic is one of those elements in social media that manage to catch the attention of a reader. Just how images and videos are preferred more than written content, infographics are a great way to engage with your audience, because compared to written content, infographics are eye-catching. Written content, no matter how well written, is easily lost amongst thousands of posts that are published online. However, infographics are often saved or bookmarked by people, simply because they offer valuable information in a well-formatted way, and creates a great impact on the reader.

Within a very less time span, the digital space has seen a tremendous spike in the usage of infographics by online businesses. You’ll see a lot of businesses maximizing their use of infographics for social media. And that’s the way to go!

Here’s why infographics are important for your online business:

Consumes less time

As compared to written content, the content in the form of graphics is consumed in a much lesser time. The human brain takes only a few seconds to consume the information which is well formatted and in a visual form. The entire point of an infographic is to provide knowledge, tips or a crisp summary on a particular topic or problem.

Has lasting impact

An infographic has a long-lasting impact. This is because of the way information is arranged in an infographic. An infographic is useful for a lot of people since they get the gist of a larger topic of discussion, without getting into the details; but still a great deal of information. According to the statistics, an image is remembered by a human brain for a longer duration than a written content. Humans have the ability to retain an infographic for a long time.

Easily understandable

Infographics are easily understandable. Well, this does depend on how the infographic is created. It should be readable, well formatted and should have a smooth flow to it, where each point is connected to the next point in a seamless manner. An infographic acts as conclusive information, the same way one would wrap up a conversation by telling you the main points. That’s why even people with little knowledge about a certain topic finds it easy to understand and retain the content of an infographic.

Has more engagement

An infographic has more engagement when compared to a written content. Readers prefer sharing infographics because they convey a great deal of information in as few words as possible, while also making it visually appealing. This is also the reason why people like to share infographics, because it is short, crisp, accurate and packed with useful information. Businesses have started sharing more and more infographics, not only because it’s a good strategy to do so, but also because they have seen increased engagement on these infographics form their audience.

Psychology plays a role

A person’s psychology plays an important role in engaging with any piece of content! According to analysis reports, Instagram posts that are blue in color tend to receive more engagement than posts which are colored differently. This is why a lot of infographics make use of specific colors, like blue and purple, it’s because these colors received more engagement than posts that make use of warm colors. If you create and publishing infographics frequently, this is a good tip for you!

Better than any written content

We’re said this endless times, content is king! But when comparing written content to a visual content, we know that users prefer the latter. This is because visual content is catchier to a user, takes lesser time to consume and has a long lasting impact. This is evident as we see a great shift from written content to visual content, and this is exactly the reason why online businesses and brands are shifting towards creating and publishing visual content, graphics and infographics instead of written content like blogs and articles.  

Brand awareness

Infographics make a brand stand out from the rest. You must be wondering, if all brands use infographics, then how does this make them stand out? For starters, online businesses haven’t fully transitioned into publishing infographics frequently; but they’re getting there at a fast pace. Second, infographics made by brands resonate with their tone, voice, brand style, values and brand colors. So a brand like RedAlkemi that posts an infographic every day and makes use of vintage imagery will stand out from a brand that uses black and white imagery only. It helps in creating brand awareness and boosts the brand image. Share more of infographic on social media platforms and see the difference in the interaction that readers have with your posts.


If you’re wondering how an infographic is directly related to search engine optimization, it’s not. But it helps improve your ranking because infographics successfully drive traffic to your website. Online businesses use infographics to lead users and readers to certain landing pages on their website in order to increase traffic and generate leads. This also helps increase backlinks to a website!

Viral marketing

The rate of engagement and interaction is much higher than the written content. This makes it an ideal post for a brand, which becomes viral in no time.

Gist of written content

A person who has no time in reading the whole content can quickly go through an infographic to have a short and crisp overview of the content.

Now that you know about the advantages of infographics, you should start creating infographics for your online business. Infographics are powerful and do help bring more business online.

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