Things to Keep in Mind While Using Twitter for Business

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Twitter for Business

May 10, 2018

Twitter is a powerful social media vehicle, but are you using the 280-character limit platform to the fullest?

Be it building a community or driving traffic to your website, there’s a lot that Twitter can do for your business. With over 300 million monthly active users as of 2018, it would be nothing less than a loss of good opportunity to not have a Twitter business account. It can be a game-changer if backed by good strategy. However before getting on with it, here are some Twitter tips for businesses to follow for best outcomes.

Curb your followers: 

Take time to go through your Twitter follower list and trim it down to the people or companies that are relevant to your business. Track the change in Twitter followers over time to know how successful and consistent you are with keeping your audience engaged.

Create lists:

Twitter’s Lists can add value to your online presence. They can help you market your business well and attract the right set of people. What matters the most here is the type of Twitter lists you create. If you have a useful list that other people can follow, there is a strong chance they will follow your account as well.

Share meaningful content: 

Share as much information and experiences as possible. Share information that is genuine, unique, original and relevant to your target audience. Sharing relevant content will keep your audience engaged, involved and interested in your Twitter page. Doing this will even ensure gain Twitter followers fast.

Go for quality over quantity:

It’s not about the number of tweets you tweet; it’s all about the quality and how relevant they are! Twitter is an important part of a social media strategy that can add value to your business and its online presence. Make sure you use it to its full potential. Engage your audience with similar interests and see the difference it will make in your Twitter business account.

Make use of keyboard shortcuts:

A few keystrokes can help you to make better use of Twitter for business. It saves you time and enables you to navigate easily. For viewing the list of keyboard shortcuts, type Shift+ question mark on any Twitter page. 

Incorporate hashtags:

To increase the engagement rate, hashtags play a very important role in getting your tweet noticed! Even if the person is a follower or not, your tweet will automatically pop up when someone searches for a relevant hashtag that has been used by you in your tweets.
Tagging is another way of bringing tweets to people’s notice quickly.

Hopefully, these business tips for Twitter will give you an idea on how to make better use of this ever-growing social networking platform and create effective strategies that work in your favor. Try them before it’s too late!

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