Threats of Social Media Marketing

Threats of Social Media Marketing

March 16, 2018

Marketing research forms a big part of digital marketing. There is no doubt that it offers many opportunities for businesses to flourish online. However, there are many threats that come along with these opportunities.

Digital marketing is the best option available to a business to market itself appropriately and hence build credibility for your brand. However, it is also important that we are well aware of the weaknesses of digital marketing and threats of social media marketing for a business. This means knowing the pros and cons of digital marketing is important.  

Here are the disadvantages of digital marketing:


A business can never predetermine what will be the outcome of a strategy. With the support of marketing tools it still is not possible to determine if a particular marketing campaign will succeed or not.

However, referring to the analytics will definitely help you get a rough idea, but remember this too changes with how an audience responds. This can only let you have a brief overview of a similar strategy that was undertaken in the past.

But with new users visiting your website and seeing your profile, it almost seems impossible to predict if your business will interest them. Because there will be times when you will have a complete set of new visitors coming to your website.

This means there will be times when you will enjoy success and times when the marketing campaign fails.

Perception of social media

Social media is a package of opportunities and challenges both. Many business owners have a perception that being on social media is the key to success. However they do not realize that simply having a presence on social media will not help your business succeed, instead customer engagement will provide a boost to your business. This is why businesses prefer content marketing, to improve the brand visibility online.  

Business tip: Getting some paid services on social media will definitely boost your marketing efforts.

Different audience

How to be sure, whether you are marketing your business right?

The main problem that businesses face when they are marketing and promoting their business is to engage with audiences aligned with your type of business. The audience of a business is spread across various demographics, belonging to various age groups. A business’s audience may include a teenager from India who is more interested in design and someone in their early 50s from the USA who is into marketing and business. So, there will be times when a particular audience of yours might feel disconnected with your brand and some might like your brand all the more.

Time constraint

A marketer very well knows that marketing and promoting a business is a time-consuming process. The first step is to create content for the business, which requires deep and detailed market analysis and research. Then there’s the promotion and marketing of the content, which again, takes time. It takes time for audiences to react when content reaches them and only then can a business measure the effectiveness of a strategy.

So, if you are expecting that you get instant results of your strategy, then you are probably mistaken.

Staying updated

Staying updated on social media and business trends is similar to following a daily routine.

Trends in social media and digital marketing are evolving; everything is changing almost every day. It becomes important to stay updated about these trends. Do not miss out on the buzzing actions in the marketing world; your competitors might already be utilizing them to enhance their business.

Constant monitoring

To be on social media, you need someone constantly monitoring your business profile on all social media channels. A business on social media is attracting both positive and negative comments. A person, who is managing all the profiles of a business, needs to constantly keep a check for any such comment that would hinder the reputation of your business.

Hope we have highlighted how important social media marketing is in today’s era, and what are some of the threats of social media to businesses.

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